Thursday, October 27, 2011

Double dobby [outfit]

Dobby camp shirt from Target - 2009 - $13? / Pleated skirt from Goodwill - 2011 - $6 / Franco Sarto boots - 2010 - gift from mom / Leaf necklace - 2010 - $22 / Braided belt from Bows & Arrows - 2010 - $7

Since my post on Monday reminded me that I own this great shirt, I thought I'd bust it out this week since I haven't touched it in a while. For some reason, my mind went immediately to this skirt, which I originally thought was more pinkish, but with brown accessories looks a lot more beige. I'm still not sure what color it is exactly, but I'm just rolling with it.

So add this to the list of ways to wear a button-down.

[No, this outfit itself does not contain a double dose of dobby dots, but this is the second dobby dot post of the many dots!]

I'm taking a quick break to do some life, so starting tomorrow I'll have some guest bloggers up in here. Hope you enjoy them!


  1. I adore that necklace! And you're sporting pleats!

  2. The top looks so great with the pleated skirt + belt! This skirt (again) makes me want to get out to Goodwill to attempt for such a great find... and thanks to the flexible work-from-home schedule, maybe I'll do it this afternoon :)

  3. Angeline this top and skirt look fabulous together! And I love the boots! You just look all around great here! Enjoy your break!

  4. I have clothes that seem to change colors too. Weird...

    Your leaf necklace is beautiful and perfect for fall. Have a good break (hmm, I could use a break too...and a vacation).

  5. Pink or beige, that skirt looks great in this outfit!

  6. @ collette-osuna - Thanks! I'm definitely in a boots mood even though it's still plenty warm in FL.

    @ Faith - Thank you!

    @ Christine - Thanks. And I know! It's so girly and not something I'd normally be attracted to, but at least there are no flowers. :P

    @ Jeannee - Thanks, Jeannee!

    @ My Fashion Confession - Seriously, right? Thanks!


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