Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ladies who lunch [outfit]

BR Factory t-shirt - 2011 - $5 on clearance / LOFT skirt - 2010 - $70 / Target flats - 2010 - $18 on sale / Forever 21 leaf necklace - 2010 - $5 / Rings on a chain

Sometimes you just feel like you need the day off. And sometimes, you can. This was last Thursday for me. I had just wrapped up a project Wednesday morning, had a productive meeting Wednesday afternoon that had me headed in a great direction on another project, and it had *finally* stopped raining in Miami. So I put on a cute skirt, walked myself over to the little neighborhood village, found an adorable new boutique (still have some birthday money left over), had a 3.5 hour lunch with a new friend, and grabbed a box of mini cupcakes from my new favorite cupcake place (dangerously walking distance from my apartment).

One of the best things about not being in an office anymore is being able to use my shorter skirts. I definitely made good use of my knee-length ones in the office, but during the two days a week that I had to myself, I rarely ever felt like tossing on a skirt. If you have a super-long memory, you'll recognize this skirt as the one off of the suit that was my first cheater purchase on the Great American Apparel Diet. I wore it to work twice (1, 2) before I had to deal with the reality that this is just too short to be appropriate for a business casual office. But it was so cute and had pockets, and is finally getting worn. Still not thrilled about the wrinkle-prone fabric, though.

What do you do with items that are no longer (or that you realize later on) just aren't office appropriate?


  1. I would totally think this skirt was office appropriate! It passes the fingertip rule after all! And it is super cute! If I have skirts that are on the shorter side, I always wear them with flats, tights/leggings and a more conservative top. Glad you got some good ole fashion friend time!

  2. My low-cut tops and miniskirts get worn on the weekends or when I go out with friends. I like to dress a little sexier when I'm "off duty."

    I have such a large corporate wardrobe from my previous life that I'm also incorporating blazers and trousers into my weekend wear. I just don't wear full suits anymore.

  3. Hi. I stayed up late to browse your site. I love it. Thank you so much. I love your use of colors and out of "neutral" blends. Please put more. It absolutely looked like everything I can relate to. Thank you for your ideas. I am sure it comes to no surprise to you that I am a mismatched outfitter. I love your easy going style and looking so comfortable in it. Keep up the good show. ;)


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