Monday, October 17, 2011

To tuck or not to tuck [outfit]

LOFT outlet top - 2011 - $10 on sale / LOFT pencil skirt - 2009 - $13 on sale / Nine West flats - 2011 - $20 on sale / Canvas and leather belt - 2010 - swapped

Or tied up, to be more accurate. I like to wear my hair up, but it doesn't happen as often as I'd like because it looks sort of makes my face look like a boy's (the fact that even when I wear make-up it barely looks like I'm wearing make-up doesn't help).

I've been thinking a bit lately about when to tuck your shirt in and when to let it hang out. There are a lot of factors: volume of shirt, volume of skirt, waistband, ability or inability to belt, neckline, etc. I've worn this shirt tucked into a skirt before, but when I tried tucking it into this skirt, the look was not pretty, for several reasons. This skirt sits lower on my waist, giving the shirt a lot more space to billow between the waist and shoulder. This skirt's waistband is also less conducive to belting (partially due to it sitting lower on the waist). This skirt is also quickly becoming too small for me, which makes the looseness of the shirt even more obvious (I bought it without trying it on...go me). So this shirt + this skirt = untucked.

While I finally made peace between my top and skirt, these shoes still look a bit out of place. I was trying to give my nude flats a rest, but alas, I probably should have worn them for the fourth day in a row.  I love them, just not with this outfit.

How do you determine whether to tuck or not tuck your shirt? Do you have any rules or do you do trial-and-error each time?


  1. I think it looks cute left out....if I tucked it in, I would lose the belt, but then load on some jewelry, lol.
    Your hair looks nice up:)

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  2. I like your OOTD! Ah, tucking ... I'm a claustrophobic person. It's only over the past few years that I've even recognized how that also applies to the way I dress - i.e. I much prefer to go without shoes ; I almost never - no matter what size I am - tuck anything in - because I don't like to feel confined, restricted - closed-in. So, me? Untucked!

  3. It's definitely a trial and error for me. It's not so much the shirt but really the bottom you are wearing. Sometimes if you tuck a shirt into a pair of gets bulgy in the hip area? yup 'nuff said ;)

  4. my rule: don't tuck it in unless I have a good reason not to leave it out. If I tuck it in, I look like I have a teeny tiny torso and SUPER long legs. I want to lengthen my torso and shorten up the look of my legs.

  5. @ Collette - I probably wouldn't have worked with a belt and tucking (not with this skirt and belt, at least).

    @ Jeanee - It's definitely a recent thing for me (tucking, that is). I'm with you on shoes, though...if it's ever appropriate, my shoes are always off!

  6. i go for whichever makes me look less pregnant. :)

  7. @ neurp - Amen to that! Unfortunately even untucked this shirt makes me look a little pregnant...teaches me to buy without trying on.

  8. I'm mostly an un-tucked person, because otherwise I just look really weird with my tops tucked in!

  9. @ graduatedlearning - That's great that you know that tucked doesn't work for you! I definitely don't think it is for everyone, just as some people look weird with untucked shirts.


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