Monday, October 3, 2011

Long and lean [outfit]

Wool sweater vest - 2011 - hand-me-down from mom (similar) / Gap Favorite V-neck T - 2011 - $7 on sale (available) / Black Orchid gray jeans from Renew Denim - 2010 - $25 on sale (similar) / Gap sandals - 2010 - $20 (similar) / Old Navy belt - old - cheap and on sale (similar) / Cuff c/o Jada's Jewels (referral link) / Forever 21 leaf necklace - 2010 - $5 (similar) / random rings on a ball chain
[Worn: 09.29.11 | To: Post office, writing at Starbucks, lunch, car dealership, impromptu date night w/ K]

If you were visiting Miami from nearly anywhere else in the U.S., you'd think it was still summer here. But it is fall and the change from summer is evident the second you step outside your air conditioned building and the air is not chokingly hot and humid.

Earlier this year, on one of my trips home to Southern California, my mom brought out some things from her closet that she had purchased on deep clearance but hadn't really figured out how to work into her wardrobe yet. And that's how this wool sweater vest became mine. I love how it gives a whole new look to a basic jeans and tee, something like a cross between bohemian and grandma chic. I can't wait to work it into some fall and winter outfits. I didn't realize it until now, but just saw that I actually wishlisted a knit vest last October. Maybe my mom is reading (hi, Mom! I could use new shoes for my birthday, hint hint).

I'm also in a bit of a hair rut. It's at that awkward stage where my layers are being pushed around by my shoulders and getting all wonky as they air dry. I'm trying to be patient because I'd like to grow my hair out, but it's hard (more evidence on my Facebook page). It's been a while since I grew my hair out as long as I'd got a bit longer last fall but I got impatient and chopped it all off. This year I'm not giving up.

What is your favorite hand-me-down item? Who is your main source for hand-me-downs?


  1. I ADORE that vest! My favorite hand-me-down is a pair of boots from Audi of Fashion for Nerds. Chic and sentimental.

  2. The vest is amazing! Yay for moms.

    I don't have any hand-me-down clothes, now that I think of it. I'm usually the source--and I love seeing my old favorite things on my sisters and my best friends when I pull them out of my own closet.

    However, my mom has started a sweet Christmas tradition of giving me something of hers (that I might have tried to steal...): a gorgeous piece of pottery, her long pearls, a bedside table that she bought and I wanted. It's so fun!

  3. For me, the only way to get thru that in-between phase of growing out my hair is to heat style it. If I air-dry it, it looks cray cray so I bite the bullet and blow dry and curl it.

  4. I have a very similar vest (except in cotton, but it's the same blue). It's really comfy and looks good with a belt over it too. That cuff is beautiful.

    I gave you a fun award on my blog today! Go check it out, but you're under no obligation to participate. :)

  5. Very cute vest! I love how it looks with jeans for a day of errands. Today I could definitely go for layering it over my other sweater to be extra warm... as we get into October and then the winter months, I think it's much better to be a work-from-home-er in Miami. My house is COLD!

    A couple years ago I got a hand-me-down sweater jacket from my mom - brand new but didn't quite fit her - and it is the sweater I've gotten the most compliments on ever. I always have to give credit to my mom's good taste!

  6. I LOVE your sweater vest! I have wanted one forever!

  7. I love this vest on you! I love getting hand me downs from my cousin. She's a few years older than me and getting things from my cool, older cousin has not lost any of the novelty that it had when I was a kid! Only difference now is that we also trade kids clothes.

  8. I really like that cuff! And I've always had a difficulty styling knitted vests, but you've done a great job!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  9. Hello! I've been looking around your blog and I'm liking your fashion sense (you can make black + brown work, so kudos!) I work at Ann Taylor Loft and have been checking out the fall styles, and that vest looks similar to a piece we have this season :D

  10. love that chunky long vest - those are the best pieces for fall/winter!! you look great in these jeans, too!


  11. well.....all of my blog friends know that my mom is my #1 source of hand me downs ;) Love this vest and I hope your mom did see the shoes stmt!

  12. I love sweater vests & this is great!!! You look adorable. Casual yet put together, my kind of style :0

  13. I hope you manage to last til you grow out your hair. I love that sweater vest, too, and it looks great with your jeans. I saw a long drapey one over the weekend and I just wasn't sure I'd wear it enough. Yours is a great shape and a nice length for wearing lots of ways.

  14. My main source of hand me downs right now is my great aunt who is 86.
    She gave me her wedding dress about 3 weeks ago, just this morning I tried it on and am having it tailored to fit perfectly.
    (She married while in her 40s so it's a nice pearl and green cocktail dress)

  15. @ Sal - Aren't sentimental clothes the best?

    @ In Kinsey's Closet - So true. I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and pull out the tools. At least it's finally getting cooler so it's not hell trying to heat style in the humidity.

    @ Laura - Thanks! It's one of my new faves from a new sponsor, Jada's Jewels. I haven't styled the vest many other ways yet, but I'm sure you'll see me experiment this fall and winter!

    @ JS - Welcome! Working at LOFT sounds like a blast...will have to check out what's in store (I usually don't keep up with newer items...I click straight through to the sale stuff. :)

    @ Sarah - Thanks!

    @ Lorena - Oh wow! That sounds beautiful. I remember when my grandmother passed we went through her closet and all her beautiful Chinese dresses. My aunts split them among themselves, but nothing was near my style or size. Glad to have them still in the family somewhere, though!


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