Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Keep it simple, sillyhead [outfit]

W118 by Walter Baker dress - 2011 - $30 on clearance at Off Fifth Saks Fifth Avenue / Gap sandals - 2010 - $20 / NYC Color nail polish in West Village

It's been a few weeks, but I finally busted out the dress I bought myself for my birthday. Since K's present was so early in the month, I spent my birthday relaxing and doing an itty bit of shopping. I got this dress and new peep-toes from Ross—in total less than $60 of shopping for the day. Now that's what I call a treat.

I fell in love with this dress the instant I saw it, and that is why I only shop clearance racks at stores like Off Fifth (only sales racks everywhere else)...I hate falling in love with something only to find it's out of my budget for that type of item. $30 might be a little pricy for some places—I wouldn't pay that much for a dress at Target, for example—but for something that retailed at $225, $30 is a great deal. Some quick Google-ing after the fact revealed that W118 by Walter Baker dresses were on HauteLook a few months back for around $30-$50 (it was over by the time I found it so I'm not sure if this specific dress was available), so it's not too uncommon to find a deal like this, but I wouldn't have ordered it online anyway because of shipping and sizing.

Like always, the first outing is simple. I've already got my next wear planned out: light gray cami, black blazer, and nude pumps. Or a white button down underneath. Or maybe even over jeans. We'll see.

How would you style this dress?

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  1. I love that dress. I would go with red suede booties or heels and a long navy cardigan to change up the look the next time around.

  2. Love the colors and print of this dress. It could easily be transitioned to a cooler climate (like fall in NYC!) with a navy blazer, some tights and flats. Great deal for $30 too!

    My So-Called Corporate Life

  3. Such a fab frock! And I love it styled simply.

  4. Oh what a great dress and for such a steal! I love the print! So cool! I love it simple, but for fall it would be fun to add tights and a cardigan. Does it get chilly where you just moved? It is perfect on its own as well!

  5. So pretty! I'd add red heels--as high as I could handle and still be able to to walk.

  6. Sometimes it is nice just to throw on a dress and shoes! I worry 'Is it blogworthy?' but who really cares? I think you look great and blogworthy for sure!

  7. Such a gorgeous dress. The abstract print looks like a more sophisticated version of tie-dye. The silhouette is classic and versatile so I can see this working in many settings. And the pleating adds a nice touch at the waistband.

    I'm wondering if this dress could even be worn with boots or booties, to give it a little edginess?

  8. Nice Angeline :)
    I think I'd wear it with a black cardi and a belt or pinstripe blazer.

  9. Love this dress! I couldn't even begin to think of what type of jacket to coordinate with this - I think this is a dress that deserves to shine on its own BUT I would also want to make it a season-stretcher, because it is a smile in fabric!

  10. beautiful dress! Sometimes a bunch of accessorizing and over-styling isn't necessary.

  11. @ Ivie - I know! I can't wait to continue wearing it in the winter.

    @ Sal - Thanks!

    @ Kinsey - I definitely asked myself that question before I posted it. I mean, I didn't even add jewelry (or barely any). But that in itself was a choice, too, so isn't that part of styling? I dunno...all I know is I wondered about the blog-worthiness after I'd already typed up the entire thing, so I figured I'd post it anyway. :)

    @ Jamie - Thanks! I can definitely see it with some booties...that's one of the things I'm hunting for this fall.

    @ Lorena - oo stripes with more stripes? I love it!

    @ Jeannee - I think that's definitely the beauty of it...you don't have to wear it with anything else, but there are so many colors in it that you could wear it with a lot of other things. It definitely makes me smile when I see it in my closet.

    @ Christine - Isn't that the truth!

  12. You look stunning in this dress! I'm a big belt person, so I'd probably smack a skinny belt around the waist for an extra pop of color.

  13. @ monstercake - Thanks! I could totally see this with a skinny belt...love it!


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