Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weatherproof [outfit]

Eclair top from Nordstrom Rack - 2011 - $13 / Banana Republic suiting pencil skirt - 2010 - $60? on sale / Nine West Outlet boots - 2009 - $50 on sale / Natural pearl necklace - 2007 - gift

For the first time since I've been in Florida, we've had nasty weather. Like, really nasty. Horizontal rain, tornado warning, flood watch nasty. As much as I'd love to hunker down at home (and as free as I actually am to do so), sometimes I know it's better to just suck it up and get on out there. I'm fortunate that my building's garage is attached, so I don't actually have to go out into the rain to get to my car (a major step up from my last apartment), but my destination did not have a parking garage, so I pulled out my non-rain rain boots.

I'm all for rain boots. I love mine. They're from Target and were a Christmas gift from my in-laws a few years back. They get worn basically whenever it's wet out, even if the rain has stopped. Back when I used to take the bus to work (the first 2.5 years of my last job), I'd wear the rain boots for my commute and bring shoes to change into. But for a quick volunteering stop, something that would be awkward to change shoes at? Not so good.

My happy medium—these faux-leather tall boots. They protect my calves when I'm wearing a skirt, keep me from feeling any wet hemlines from I'm wearing trousers, and can even handle skinny jeans tucked in. The heel is thicker than my usual stiletto pump, and the rubber soles are a major plus for wet weather. They're not made for rain, of course, so I wouldn't walk through an ankle-high puddle the way I would in my normal rain boots, but it is nice to know that I'm not putting my leather goods at risk. They weren't cheap, but they've already gotten two seasons of wear and look nearly new.

How do you weatherproof your work outfit without dressing it down?

*bonus points if you've noticed that the boxes in this pic (taken Tuesday) were finally gone yesterday (pic taken Wednesday). I also wore this outfit to do some more unpacking. Slowly, but surely. I hope to be unpacked by the time we move again.


  1. LOVE this outfit on you!! The proportions work so well on your figure :)

  2. I've been dying for a pair of cheaper Hunter lookalikes for some time. Really handy especially in the Colorado snow. These boots, however, are absolutely amazing! Great color and texture. I think this is one of my favorite outfits that I have seen on you Angeline!

  3. GREAT outfit! It looks cute, professional, and functional. :-)

  4. When I worked in an office, I would wear my rain boots (or snow boots) on my commute and then change shoes at the office. At one point, I had more shoes in my work desk than I did at home!

  5. Awesome outfit! I have a pair of rain boots that I wear to the office, then change out to normal shoes once I'm there. No way I'm gonna risk ruining leather shoes!

  6. i loooove boots! i went to taiwan for a month and bought three pairs! addition to two other pairs of shoes. ha! but i find that a good coat is a must. you look good (and stay warm) even though the clothes underneath may be less weather appropriate, which is fine cause it's usually too toasty indoors during the winter anyway.

  7. This is a problem for me, as I live in Southern California. I feel that it doesn't rain often enough for me to justify purchasing "rain" clothes, but it means I suffer through the rain! I have one pair of shoes that I reach for when it rains, although I dislike the shoes, etc. :(

    I agree with the others above - I LOVE this outfit on you.

  8. @ S - Thank you!

    @ Bridget - Thanks, girl! It was definitely easy to move around in. :)

    @ Faith - So true. I did have some leather boots with rubber soles that I trudged through a snowy NYC winter, but I cleaned, conditioned, and protected them weekly and I still have them.

    @ Neurp - Oo fun! I definitely love coats, too. They're just such a nice and chic topper to any outfit.

    @ Caroline - I totally owned rain boots when I lived in Southern California (a pair of $20 Payless ones). I agree, though, rainy day gear is not used very much there. I actually used to keep a whole supply of shoes in my trunk when I lived in So Cal...if the sun came back out again I'd just pop the trunk to change into better shoes!

  9. @ lynne - They're pretty awesome, aren't they? Nine West often makes similar styles year after year...i wonder if they have something like it now.


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