Monday, July 18, 2011

Wear and Wear Again | Wide-leg trousers

Although I've been gravitating more and more toward skirts and dresses lately, I am a pants girl at heart. So what better piece to showcase than the first pair of pants I ever wore on my blog? These Gap wide-leg trousers are so comfortable, and the wide leg balances out a fitted top.

Wide-leg trousers are best on straight figures (I think that's what I am) or those who are a little larger on top. They work best with a fitted top, or at least a belted one. The volume on bottom needs a little balance.

My trousers have seen me through every season:





More wide-leg trousers:

How would you style wide-leg pants?


  1. I LOVE my wide legged trousers. I wear them a ton in the colder months. I like your spring looks.

    I usually try to pair mine with a tighter fitting top to balance out the wide leg of the pants, like a turtlneck sweater. I have also paired them with the sweater vest like you did too :)

  2. BR used to sell these amazing wide leg trousers - I was so sad when the ones I bought in 2006 no longer fit me. :0[

    I always paired mine with a more form-fitting top just so I wasn't loose every where. I love the looks you've paired! Will definitely have to find new pants to try that out on.

  3. oooh, the fall look is my favorite styling of these all season britches!

  4. Super cute pants! I might have to get me some for work! Hope your road trip is going well!

  5. i love love love wide leg trousers! i actually just bought a pair at gap that is amazing! i love them and they are perfect for all seasons! great outfit combos too! :)

  6. Love these pants on you! I actually can't stand wide leg pants on me, I always feel like they look gigantic! Once I find the right pair of straight leg trousers I'm sure I'll be posting something similar!

  7. I hate, hate, hate, wide legs on me! But, you look super cute in them. :) One great thing about them is that they're sooo comfy!

  8. Love those pants, love the different looks !

    I don't have wide legs pants, but I have a pair of wide legs jeans and I just thinks that shape goes with everything, unless it's a shapeless top

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