Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Net-Working It [Guest Post]

Hello New Professional fans! This is Meredith and Lindsay of Cubicle Chic, and we are so honored and excited to be stepping in for a day while Angeline gallivants around the country. We hope that she has a fun and relaxing time, but we look forward to her return and are crossing our fingers for a few photos of her travels :)
We blog about dressing for the workplace with creativity and flair over at Cubicle Chic, so we thought that it would be fun to create a post on outfits that we love to wear for networking events: something that says "professional" as well as "interesting" (and "approachable" we hope!). What are our criteria? We like to wear unique pieces that are great conversation starters and could be memorable to the people we meet. The point is to make and keep connections, so the longer you remember us, the better! Each of us put together a favorite networking look to share with you - what do you think?
This is one of my favorite outfits to wear to networking events (so much so that I've actually had to refrain from wearing it to a few functions due to "same outfit, different event" photos that would inevitably be taken). The dress is comfortable and the cut makes me feel instantly put together, even if I'm feeling off. This is important for networking events because meeting new people and establishing relationships requires your utmost attention (read: feeling off is not an option), especially when you're trying to promote your business. To me, the cardigan is a multitasker: not only does it make a statement, but it also could be necessary at a conference or other event when the AC is pumping. I have also added a couple of chunky jewelry pieces because I love them and because they're great conversation starters. People love to hear that I purchased my funky necklace at H&M. Above all, the outfit is a reflection of my self expression, which is so important in the fashion and blogging industries.
I enjoy this outfit because it's comfortable and I feel confident in it. I know that I look professional and put together, and the patterned shirt and statement necklace provide the character. This is also an outfit that works in multiple settings: I could wear it to a more conservative business event, a creative blogger or fashion event, or a more casual tech event. In my mind, versatility is key, because I know that I can always grab these few items as I'm rushing to get ready in the morning no matter what the meet-up or event that night might be. As for the "interesting factor", the splash of color provided by the necklace is definitely a conversation starter, as is the rather retro cut and buttons of the shirt. We can start with a quick conversation about funky coral beads or shoulder pads in vintage shirts, and then we can move on to business!

Lindsay and Meredith blog about New York City and professional style at Cubicle Chic. My compadres in workwear fun.


  1. I think it's really creative how you think that by having a memorable item/accessory/garment - people will more likely remember you. That is so clever, I never thought of it that way !
    I love both outfits as both are updated, have an amazing fit and transition perfectly. WELL DONE!

  2. This looks great Angeline! Thanks for asking us to participate!!

    And thanks Lorena :)

  3. Where or Where did you get the blouse worn with the coral necklace?


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