Monday, July 25, 2011

How to wear metallic shoes to work

It all started one fateful evening in May as we celebrated a successful wedding rehearsal and prepared for the next day's festivities. My friend C had a bag full of boxes for her girls, and we squealed as we opened them. I was hit immediately by the smell of quality leather and the shine of a metallic Kate Spade Carolina pump. Needless to say, I'm addicted (to that pair in specific, not actually buying Kate Spade shoes...I'm now unemployed, remember?).

The classic shape of the pump and the sophisticated hue made this a standout for the workplace as well. Which got me thinking...I know strappy party heels have no place in the office, but what about metallic shoes in classic shapes? If the metallic isn't too crazy (think lame gold or eye blinding silver), I think it works. In addition to my Kate Spade pumps, I also have a pair of well worn Nina shoes that have a bit of a sheen to them as well. Both get ample wear to the office.

Some tips on bringing the metallic shoe look into the office:
  • Cover up. Metallic hues already look a little more party-friendly, so keep the shape of the shoe demure. I would stick to closed-toe or peep-toe pumps...anything that shows more skin will look a little out of place.
  • Lower the heel. My general feel is that the flatter the shoe, the more leeway you have with the style. Bejeweled flats are darling, but on a heel they can look over-the-top. Metallic flats would be just perfect to spice up some office classics. Even just lowering the heel a little to a 1" or 2" would be a good step.
  • Back to basics. While any color can have a metallic sheen to it, for office wear, stick to more classic pewters, bronzes, and dark golds and silvers. Your feet shouldn't be mistaken for a disco ball.
  • Watch the shine. When looking for metallic colors, stay with something with a slight sheen and more matte finish. Metallic + patent is just too much for most offices.
  • Balance it out. If your shoes are shiny, keep the rest of your bling to a minimum. A metallic belt and simple jewelry would off-set metallic heels better than a mess of chains or sequined top.
Some of my favorite metallic shoe picks:

Do you wear metallic shoes to the office or do you steer clear?


  1. I love metallic shoes! I have several pairs I wear regularly including pewter flats from Target, gold ballerina flats from Old Navy and gold snakeskin heels from Bandolino. They are a great way to add interest to an outfit!

  2. I have a 3" metallic muted gold peeptoe pump that I love to wear in the office. It always looks polished but not over the top. I don't wear shoes with embellishments on them it's just too much for Finance.

  3. When and IF I do wear a metallic, I usually go all black or all white and then I add the sprinkly shoe. It helps me tone it down. or so i say!

  4. Great tips here! I have definitely rocked the metallic pumps to work before! =P Lots of fun with lots of personal flair!

  5. I just bought a pair of metallic flats, so this is extremely timely for me. I have also really been enjoying the guest posts. Blogs that focus on workplace style help me to keep everything in my closet from feeling boring.

  6. I, too, stick with a closed toe when I go shiny and sparkly for shoes at work. (And, flats, too!)


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