Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Skinny belt and screen cred

If you've happened to stumble upon this blog, you might be asking, "Why is she writing this blog?  What kind of cred does she have?"

The "Why" can be answered by reading the About page.

My cred is open to discussion.  I'm writing this blog to share what I've learned from being in the workplace and loving fashion.  I've had my hits and misses throughout the years, and hope to spare you some of the misses.  While I could hide behind pretty pictures gathered from around the Internet, I'd rather just show you how I dress at work and let you decide for yourself whether you trust my advice. 

I call this look: I love my new skinny belt!

I wore this outfit on sunny Monday in March (this Monday, to be exact).  I just purchased a skinny belt this weekend (TGAAD-approved; see related post here) and was excited to wear it to work ASAP.  I'd also just gotten my fave heels back from getting re-heeled and was dying to wear them again--they are so comfortable.

Here is a rundown of the goods: Top - J.Crew; Pants - Gap Outlet; Shoes - Nina (found at Ross); Belt - Gap; Necklace - Forever 21; Awkward pose - original design by me.

Loved this outfit today not just because it looked nice and professional, but it was comfortable.  The heels are only about 1.5"-2" tall and are extremely comfortable to walk in all day -- a must for me since I go out to move my car every two hours.

One of the main reasons this outfit works is because of the proportions.  The wide-leg pants are balanced out by a fitted top.  The thick waistband of the pants, which can often make a midsection look larger, is bisected by a colorful belt.

There are also many colors at work here -- gray, brown, gold, red-orange, but compared to the brightness of the belt, the rest of the outfit serves as a neutral.

On the pencilmeter, this outfit gets four out of four for being comfortable, professional, and totally rewearable.


  1. so cute! Very classy. I also like your pencilmeter :)

  2. love the belt! :) so excited you're blogging. am so inspired to try TGAAD. keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks ladies! I so appreciate your support.

    Annie -- You should totally try it if you want! Maybe you can just do until August 31 when it officially ends? That's less than 6 months.


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