Friday, July 1, 2011

Executive Summary | Links for your weekend | 06.01.11

Detail on a fab new dress I got from the Citizen Rosebud at our blogger meet-up last night. I'm going to miss these ladies!

Happy Fourth of July weekend! I attended my last (::sniff sniff::) Sacramento fashion blogger meet-up last night at Thinkhouse Collective, and let's just say K sent me a text at 10 p.m. asking if I was okay (meet-up started at 6).

Truth is—I was more than okay. I was having a nice chat with Melody and Skylar while Nikki, Kari, Bella, Ann, Madeline, Kara, and Kerry hung out nearby. Vanessa and Sarah stopped by, too, but had left by that point. Bella sent me home with two dresses. She has a great supply of vintage in her space at Thinkhouse...I wish you all could see it. Colors and prints galore.

One of the biggest changes that blogging has had on my life is connecting me with new friends that start on the screen and end up face-to-face, like this group of ladies. I would never had met any of them if Bella hadn't emailed me randomly one day last fall. I've eaten, drank, shopped, crafted, and chatted with these gals time and again. Sure, it sounds a little cheesy, but I'm an introvert and making new friends can be intimidating. Remembering how quickly and easily these friendships started gives me hope for Miami, since I currently know exactly 0 people in South Florida (13 days until moving day). I know things will be great and that we'll meet people easily, but I'll admit this kind of stuff makes me anxious.

Anyhoo, here are your links. Linky link links.

Style and fashion
Career and office
After hours
Blogging bits
Shameless plugs
What were your favorite reads this week?


    1. OK...No wonder I am a fan of yours... I am Taiwanese as well!

    2. This is a great round up. quite a few of those posts topped my favorites list for the week too. Thanks again for introducing my to GCOCH.

    3. @ No Guilt Fashion - Thanks! Isn't that site fun?

    4. great links this week! i esp love the print ad one!


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