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How to deal with annoying coworkers | Reader Advice

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I've given my thoughts on how to deal with annoying coworkers. Now hear what readers had to say! Here is the question I posed last week:
Which type of coworker annoys you most and how do you deal with it?  Do you have any tried-and-true advice for dealing with difficult people?

I think its so funny how on each of the descriptions you added "What if you are..." I can say I am not the latebird. CHECK. Or the oddball. CHECK. BUT IF I had to be any of these I'd be the oddball. There is one type of co worker that totally distracts me, it's the one that BLOWS UP anything small and not so meaningful and makes it your nightmare. Distracts everyone from what they are doing and makes them focus on THAT they are trying to solve. I don't even know what to call it, it just does not make sense. —Lorena 
I am NO morning person and I am trying to do the best I can to get to work on time! I don't know what it is, ever since I was a kid it was just tough for me to get out of bed! I love how you profile these various work personalities! —B. Inspired
I detest those that commit to taking on a task, and then totally drop the ball. Then look at me like I have three heads when asked where the expected outcome is??!?!? —rskmom
I have had my fair share of oddballs at my workplace. They're not so bad once you realize they're just a little different. They make work more interesting! :) —Kileen
My biggest problem is with colleagues who want to socialize. I absolutely cannot get work done at the office because of this. I may need to cover the glass in my office door. —Terri

So what do you think? Do you have any advice to add?


  1. The worst for me was a co-worker who did things like come in the morning, swipe her timecard, tell everyone in her office Good Morning and then step out for an hour to go meet the wallpaperers/pool cleaner/electician at her home. Or, swipe her timecard and then close her office door as her whole family followed her in to debate the latest family crisis. Or, spend all morning going around to collect recipes from last Friday's potluck to photocopy for everyone, or show off new photos of her dog. Or, nudge the boss into thinking that we needed a staff luncheon pick-me-up then offer to go pick up lunch (which meant she disappeared for an hour). Or, dally in the workroom area each day to scan the calender of days off so that she was always first to get her name on the coveted day after Thanksgiving square. It took me two years of working with her to figure out I was never going to be off that day. One morning I had to meet her very early so that we could ride together to a meeting a couple of hours away. When I arrived, she drove up late then announced I should ride with her as she went back home to pack her suitcase, drive through the ATM and stop to get breakfast. Why did I stay up so late the night before doing all of that?

    She was an expert at it and the weirdest part was that our boss just absolutely loved her. As far as I know, administration never challenged her about any of it and she continued to get promotions before moving on to another city years later.

  2. My two worst co-worker types are the ones who won't accept responsbility for their actions and the one person who wants to socialize ALL THE TIME. I am not a morning person, so I need some time to wake up and get going before I start my day. I really wish I had a door sometimes! As for the one whoe doesn't take responsiblity for their actions, unless I own the company, there probably isn't a whole lot I can do. As for the talker, I just try to listen for a minute and then politely say I have work to do. It does get tiring though!

  3. I'd say there's only been one coworker who I've really had a hard time getting along with. They were the type of person who would take credit for group projects, constantly brown nose the boss then talk crap about them later, and chat with their boyfriend on email most of the day. GUH! And yet they were able to manipulate themselves into a position. Needless to say I was done with that company -_-

    xoxo Maria

  4. I've been searching online for tips on how to deal with a certain coworker of mine who is constantly getting under my skin. Yes, there will always be someone we don't get along with, I understand that, but the problem with this one is that I fear when our current boss leaves he will slide into her position and I'll have to report to him and this would be my personal hell. Let's call him "Mr. Braggy Brown-noser pants". He is the one who has to tell you every single thing he does that is work related as if he wants a cookie or a pat on the back. He is the oldest one in our office yet acts the most immature. He spends all his time in the office of the bosses - and barely talks to anyone else - that is except the wife of his boss who he also spends a great deal of time kissing up to. I think what gets to me the most is that he talks about them behind their back but acts like their best friends to their face. He also is always saying how he has a Master's degree but our boss doesn't - but his M.A. was earned online, and we all know those are complete crap. Mine was earned in the classroom while I worked full-time in another state, and I don't go around asking for cookies and rewards. All I want to do is do my job and not have to deal with this a-hole. I recently found out he has been padding his calendar with phony appointments and when I pointed it out to our boss, she just blew it off. This infuriated me b/c if it were me I would be fired in a heartbeat. Mr. Braggy brown-nose pants is a real pain in my ass and I wish there was more advice out there than just to confront him, because if I do that I will lose my job, and I am good at my job, all my other coworkers likes me, and I have more education and training than many of the people there so I do not want to just leave. How can I get this to stop?? Any meditation tips I can do in my office when he starts up with his bullshit?

  5. @ anonymous - Wow. Mr. Braggy Brown-noser pants sounds like quite the handful. I wouldn't confront him, especially with his history of blabbing and backstabbing. You mention you fear him getting promoted when your boss leaves...Do you have a good relationship with your boss as well? How about other superiors and decisionmakers in the company? I think that's probably the best way to make a difference in the situation and make sure you aren't forgotten just because you've got your nose to the grindstone. This guy sounds like a recipe for disaster...with all the back talking he's probably digging his own career grave just as well himself. I think the key to lining yourself up for a promotion is making sure your work is top quality (sounds like yours is) and maintaining good relationships with those you work with (sounds like you are). If your boss makes it known when they are leaving, you can also be proactive and initiate a conversation about how you can take on more responsibility with the transition. While your boss will have a say in their replacement, they're likely not the sole decisionmaker, so make sure to focus on those relationships, too.

    As far as coping mechanism for the annoying stuff, I keep a set of over-the-head headphones in my office and put them on (sometimes without anything playing through them) when I don't want to be bothered (not sure if that's an option in your office), or perhaps remind him that you've already heard about his degree next time he launches into his tirade. There's always the option of excusing yourself to the restroom to take a breather, and also surrounding yourself with friendlier (and more productive) faces at work.

    Hope this helps at least a little bit! Good luck with your situation, and keep your head up!

  6. I like some of my coworkers, I am impassive about a large portion of them and there is possibly maybe a couple I really hate. Fundamentally I take a gander at it thusly: I'm here to work, not to make companions. In the event that individuals like me - fine. In the event that they detest me - still fine. Its insignificant how I feel about my coworkers or how they feel about me. That being confirmed Help with Essay, I'm not circumventing acting like a prick or dropping my offer of the workload on others. I carry out my employment and I do it exceptionally well. However, you can't coexist with everybody in life. It's not worth considering to such an extent.


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