Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Newness [outfit]

A'gaci blazer - 2011 - $30 / Gap favorite T - 2011 - $7 on sale / Joie shorts from Nordstrom - 2011 - gift card / Franco Sarto heels from Piperlime - 2011 - $45 on sale / Kate Spade doodle necklace - 2011 - gift

It never fails that I get new ideas in one of two situations: in bed before I fall asleep (the only justifiable reason for me to keep my iPad on my nightstand) and on a lazy day reading through a stack of magazines. Saturday was my lazy day this weekend and I'm finally up to date on my magazines, which resulted in this super-new Sunday outfit.

What's so new about these pieces you've seen a million times already? Well, they were all purchased in 2011. That's pretty new. Heels with shorts a la Kileen? New to me. And a center part? Totally new.

One of the fun parts of fashion is that when you try new things, there is usually little to no commitment needed. All of these items are already staples in my closet, so throwing them together was easy. And switching up your part is a great no-scissors-needed update.

The hair-spiration? The never-aging Ms. Moore, of course. I saw this ad in a magazine and all my back and forth about my hair disappeared.

Doesn't hurt that my usual hair icon, LC, also rocks the center part from time to time. More about my LC obsession here.

I don't think the heels plus shorts look is for me, although I would never have known if I hadn't tried. The center part, though, is here to stay. At least for this week.

Who are your hair inspirations?


  1. You look amazing! The center part gives such a laid-back, relaxed vibe that I love on you AND you totally rocked the shorts + heels look, seriously, your legs go on forever. I totally understand though if it's making you nervous, you definitely have to be in the mood to wear that pairing, so how about instead of swearing off it forever you save it for a brave day - or drinks at night!

  2. Own this look cuz you look great! Love that blazer and Sorren is right in her comment...your legs look sensational. I covet them.

  3. i don't usually like the shorts & heels look but you look great! ...i don't know that i'll actually try it, but i am thinking about it now.

    i love love kelly of the glamourai's hair. http://www.theglamourai.com/2011/07/diy-curly-locks.html straight or curly, her hair looks awesome!

  4. Love your jacket! I find most of my hair inspiration on TV. But lately I've been getting some fun ideas from Pinterest.com!

  5. You are totally rocking the heels with shorts combo! Maybe I should try that too, I think we're about the same height (5'3") and I hope my legs would look mile-long in a similar outfit as well :)

  6. Love the hair! And if I was your age, I'd do that heels and shorts thang, too. If you got 'em, show 'em off :)

  7. @ sorren - thanks! It is definitely more of a "going out" type of outfit, especially for a town like Miami. I guess I shouldn't scrap it completely. :P

    @ step - omg her hair is amazing! I wish my hair had enough body for that (short hair just follows my scalp like a skullcap).

    @ Christine - I look to TV, too. True story--I once paused an episode of "Say Yes to the Dress" to take cell phone pics of the bride-to-be's hair.

    @ Jillsabs - Thanks! yup, I'm 5'4 (and Kileen, who's a petite, rocks it super-well, too).

    @ Lynne - Thanks, lady! I've been really liking my legs lately now that I've been running...they feel so much stronger and sturdier. :)


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