Monday, November 7, 2011

Never before seen footage [outfits]

Hey folks! I'm back from my trip! I spent a week with my sister-in-law and her family helping out around the house after they had their new baby earlier this month. Some highlights:
  • Getting to spend time with my 3.5 year old nephew that he'll remember. Since before he was born, we've always lived at least 500 miles away, and it kills me that we don't get to see him grow up as closely as we'd like. Now that he's at an age where he notices and remembers things, it's even more important that K and I are in his life (we're his only aunt and uncle).
  • Changing my first diaper. I'm pretty impressed that I went 28 years without changing one. Luckily the baby was kind to me (didn't have to do any #2s). He's a keeper, for sure.
  • Bonding with my sister-in-law. Growing up with just a brother, I always wished for a sister (in addition, not instead of my bro). My best friends come pretty close, but it is definitely cool to have a sister in my sis-in-law. We've always gotten along, but because of the distance we haven't had the chance to spend quality time just the two of us until now.
I didn't take any outfit pics while I was gone (let's just say I was appropriately dressed for my week's activities...lots of jeans, tees, and flats), but there are quite a few photos taken earlier in October that I never posted, so here you go—never before seen outfits.

Gap tank, swapped dress as skirt, vintage belt, Emilie M bag, Rampage wedges, Nine West glasses (Yes, they're real. I've been wearing contacts since I was 12.)

Target top, Rockabilly jeans, Calvin Klein pumps, Jada's Jewels cuff

Gap Outlet tee, Black Orchid jeans, Franco Sarto boots, Old Navy belt, vintage scarf

BR Factory cardigan, Gap tank, J & Company jeans, Target flats

Max Studio wrap dress, vintage belt, Nine West Outlet boots, Premier Designs faux pearls

You can totally see the transition from summer to fall in these outfits. I've broken out my fall uniform (which you'll see tomorrow), even though it's still about 80 degrees here. It's only been a few months, but I've definitely acclimated to Miami, and I'm a little worried about how cold Southern California will be over the holidays. First world problems, I know.


  1. my favorite outfit is the 10/3/11 outfit. Simply amazing. Thats how us girls should be looking. so classy and fresh and casual yet not to casual yet you lose your sophistication

  2. These are all cute but that last dress is killer. I love the pattern and those boots together.

  3. That last dress is stunning on you and I love the boots! I also love the first skirt. Glad you had a great trip! Family time is the best!

  4. How wonderful that you have family like that!!!! Thanks for sharing the OOTDS of October - that dress is fairly similar to one seen during October on "one life to live".

  5. Such cute looks- I especially LOVE that last dress!

  6. Welcome back!
    I Specially like how you sport the tall boots... you wear them so well !

  7. Finally it's cold in Sacramento! I am wearing a scarf AND a sweater! Want to see how Florida Fall treats you. I will find out manana! Or as they say in Cabana: manana.

  8. @ Sara - it's definitely a good balance, right? So easy, too.

    @ Jeannee - oh fun! my mom got it for me 5-6 years ago.

    @ Lorena - Thanks! They're my fave...considering getting another pair this fall since I wear mine so often.

  9. Ohhh they look great, I like wearing them all!

  10. My favorite is that wrap dress) It's fitting great, the print is so cute and in my favorite colors)

  11. @ odusee and @ triskelos - thanks!


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