Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall uniform [outfit]

Bobeau sweater from Nordstrom Rack - 2011 - $8 on clearance (purchased with birthday money) / Ella Moss tank from Anthropologie - 2010 - Christmas gift / J & Co jeans from Renew Denim - 2010 - $40 / Franco Sarto boots from Macy's - 2010 - birthday gift / London Fog bag from Amazon - 2011 - birthday gift + $5 shipping

After a week of not taking outfit photos, it's a little odd to start again. That's why you get this crappy cell phone pic instead of the usual crappy indoor pic. This is basically my fall uniform.

Flat knee-high boots
(I might need another pair to spread out the wear on these)
Skinny or straight jeans
(blue or gray)
Drapey cardigan
(gray or tan)
Top-handle bag with longer strap
(black or brown)

Optional: scarf, fun jewelry

Seeing that I have at most two of each of the core items to the look, I'm going to have to switch it up here soon. Like, maybe switch to a straight cardi instead of a draped one.

The day I wore this (Sunday) I mulled over my upcoming Christmas List (due at Thanksgiving) as well as my October spending. I've been rather uninterested in shopping and acquiring new things lately, so the Christmas List has been tough. As for spending, I'm still going through my birthday money (in September and October combined I only spent $106 of my $150 birthday check...I bought a dress, a pair of shoes, a top, a sweater, and a ring so far). I'm thinking I'll use the rest of it to get a haircut. I need some shaping. Or should I save that for my Christmas List?

What's your fall uniform?


  1. Well, it's a pretty good uniform to have! You look great!

    Lindsey Soup

    1. Angeline always look great!

  2. My uniform for this time of year is really similar - base of skinny jeans + cardigan, and then I swap out the other elements depending on how nice of a day it is. Warmer = flats and statement necklace, colder = boots and scarf. Easy, but still looks good!

  3. My fall uniform is always skinny jeans, cardigan or blazer, boots and a scarf. It's easy and pulled together. Your uniform is cute too! Heather

  4. i am all for formulaic outfits, especially when they involve cozy cardigans and tall boots!

    dash dot dotty

  5. @ Lindsay N - Thanks!

    @ Dotty - Amen to that! I'm not a huge cardigan wearer, except for these awesome drapey ones. And boots are my weakness.

  6. One of my favorite uniforms ever! And yours is so chic with the light grey and patterned shirt. Edgy and cool and yet totally professionally appropriate. Love it!

  7. i say that you get the haircut closer to the holidays cause there'll be parties and photos to look good for. :) altho, of course, you look pretty fabulous already!

  8. Yay....If we got that same uniform as yours I surely will work everyday, its AWESOME!

  9. @ neurp - that's true! you know how much I party :P Not sure what I'd do with it though...I don't want to lose any length, I just need to switch it up a bit.

    @ Odusee - thanks!

  10. Very cute oufit. Love that floral wide calf boot pattern. So English!


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