Monday, November 21, 2011

Flower power [outfit]

Target dress - 2011 - $6.50 on clearance / Franco Sarto boots - 2010 - gift / random rings on a chain

I have no idea how one would describe my style, but if there's one thing that it characteristically is not is floral (I know floral is not a style, but you catch my drift). I've accumulated a few (very few) floral pieces of clothing throughout the years, but I don't wear them often. I'm just not all that attracted to florals, and even the ones I do like and own, I find difficult to actually wear.

The exception: I've been longing—obsessing, even—over finding the perfect floral minidress to rock with boots (and a jacket when it gets cooler). There's just something so laidback and boho/rocker about that combo. But I'm a picky one and I've spent years trying to find the perfect dress.

This one isn't traditionally floral, and it isn't completely perfect, but for $6, I figured I'd try it out. The sheer top layer keeps the black wearable in Miami, although the built-in slip leaves much to be desired (one should not have to choose between covering bra or underwear). Good thing I have a black slip that I can pin up and slip under for added protection.

The verdict? I like it. The print, the length, the flow. These boots give it a polished hippie vibe, but I think I'll try them with more rugged boots next time for a little grunge.

Is there a style/print/type of clothing that just isn't you but you had to try it anyway?


  1. I don't wear lots of floral either. As a general rule I don't do much in the way of patterns - I know some think that's boring, but I'm just a girl who likes my solids.

  2. Oh my gosh, that mini dress is soo cute! I'm not really a floral fan either but it's fun to try out some patterns once in a while :)

    another day to wander

  3. I love your dress! I was at Target recently and didn't see that but maybe I need to go again.

  4. Glad you gave this floral dress a go because it looks great on you, ESPECIALLY with the boots! Love this look Angeline!

  5. love, love, love this look!

    i almost never wear floral. i am too busy wearing stripes these days.

  6. I love the way this looks on you. It's definitely different from what you normally wear but it's adorable. I can't wait to see what else you do with that dress.

  7. @ Kelly O - You and me both. I love solids, but I find myself wanting more prints lately, so it's good to have some on hand.

    @ Grace - I found these buried in the clearance racks, if that helps. :)

    @ Tami - Thanks, lady!

  8. Lol I have the same piece....but I thought it was a tunic. I've not worn mine yet as I had been planning on hemming it to a better length to wear with dress pants (instead of leggings)

  9. You did GOOD! Love this dress on you :)

  10. @ J - How funny! It is a bit on the short side, but so am I, so it sort of works out. I could definitely see myself wearing this over jeans in the winter, though (would be a great boho look with some wide-legs!).


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