Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My favorite work dress

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional business casual calvin klein sheath dress macys white collared shirt gap belt nina pumps

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional business casual calvin klein sheath dress macys white collared shirt gap belt nina pumps

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional business casual calvin klein sheath dress macys gap belt

Rampage trench via Macy's - 2007 - gift card (similar) / Collared shirt via Macy's - 2007 - gift card (similar) / Calvin Klein sheath dress via Nordstrom - 2009 - $90 (similar) / Gap belt - 2010 - $10 (similar) / Nina pumps via Ross - 2009 - $16 (similar) / Urban Outfitters double finger ring - 2010 - birthday gift (available) / Mystery tights

Can I go back and make New Year's resolutions that I've already sort of done? I haven't made any yet, but I could almost say that my resolution was to take pics of all my work outfits. Wait, I haven't actually kept to that, so maybe I don't want to go back and make it a resolution. But I'm doing much better than I did before? This outfit was worn on January 19 (gasp), a full week and a half ago. I've got a few more outfits that I haven't posted but don't worry, I'll make my way through them.

While I love a good sheath dress (and Calvin Klein's are among the best, in my opinion), I never quite know what to do with a crew neck style.  Something about the high neck and knee length just creates a huge swath of fabric. The collared shirt did the trick, I think. And the belt helps, too.

What worked
Goodness gracious I love this dress. So. Much. It's a great length (makes my legs look longer than they actually are), a great quality (one you go lined, it's hard to go back), and so perfect for the office. You can almost see some of the darting/wait detail in that last photo (it may be a large swath of pinstripe, but it's got some nice visual interest and strategic fitting going on).

What didn't
Nothing comes to mind. I think this was a pretty winning outfit. (Don't ask about that first photo up there. It sucks, I know.)

How do you break up large expanses of fabric, whether solid or print? What are your favorite ways to spice up a high crew neck?


  1. Love the dress, but I love that orange belt even more!

  2. I love how you layered that dress - so fun and stylish yet completely appropriate for work!

  3. I think a necklace would add even more kick to the outfit...I agree that crew necks are hard to style but I love what you did here. I need more CK sheaths in my life.

    Fast Food & Fast Fashion

  4. You look gorgeous! I love this dress too!

    I think a statement necklace or a fun cardigan would look great too.

    I really love it with the collared shirt underneath!

  5. Now, why don't I have something like this in my wardrobe. I can think of a zillion ways to style it--with a turtleneck, a jacket, a belted cardigan. So many possibilities.

  6. Hey! I found your blog through Bella's (The Citizen Rosebud)......& my my....am sure glad that she wrote about you! Am so following you!!! :)

    The dress is perfect for officewear with those interesting orientations of the stripes....& love the pop of color lent by the belt......just perfect!

  7. maybe it's just me. I have major issues seeing longer length sleeves layered underneath shorter length sleeves. I just think there are better options. Sometimes, it bugs me just to see a long sleeve tee underneath a sweater wrap that has shorter sleeves. Always better alternatives.

  8. I also heart Calvin Klein sheath dresses and have to stop myself every time I see one on sale. I do most of my posts about 2 weeks after I have worn an outfit and it doesn't seem to bother anyone that stops by the blog. It takes a little stress out of posting lots of pictures because I take a lot of photos each week.

  9. I love this dress on you. The layering looks amazing.

    I actually got a CK sheath dress on sale at Saks Off Fifth for $40! Great deal and I love it too :)

  10. Love the dress and love the way you tied your belt. Definitely going to steal that idea :)

  11. this is beautiful! I love that dress and how you styled it. That belt is just the right pop of color!

  12. Calvin Klein really knows his dresses!! I just bought a shift dress at Ross for $23 that fits like a dream!! I love how you put the button-up under it. The combination of the different collars is very interesting!

    Classroom Chic

  13. @ basiccravings - isn't it great? I seriously regret not buying more colors of the same one. I'm usually so good about getting multiples.

    @ ashley - thanks!

    @ elle - I did have a small pearl strand on, but the collar totally hid it. I have a small neck so most necklaces dangle pretty low on me. :( But yes, a visible necklace would have been better!

    @ melissa - oo a cardi would have been nice! next time. :)

    @ terri - I love your ideas! Sheath dresses are my favorite.

    @ polka princess - welcome! glad you follow my friend Bella. Isn't she awesome?

    @ aubreyohdang - I ebb and flow on it, but can see it comes across as weird. I think the sleeves have to fall just right for me, which is why I rarely layer long-sleeve shirts under stuff--the sleeves usually poof out too much. I like 3/4-length sleeves sticking out better than long sleeves, and long sleeves must be fitted. Thanks for being honest and voicing your opinion, though! I love hearing what folks think.

    @ destrehan's daughter - good to know I"m not the only one who hoards photos. It also helps when I"m scheduling posts. I'm pretty sure every photo I've taken (except for the super-recent ones) are already up, though. Don't want to hold out on anyone. :)

    @ eek - omg what a great deal! I splurged on this one, but am planning on keeping a hawkeye out for them once I can shop again.

    @ amelia - dooo it! would love to see your take.

    @ pixie in pumps - thanks, friend! Trying to add more color.

    @ sarah - He really does. Good to know--there's a pretty good Ross near my house. Only 28 days until I can shop again...

  14. This looks great, very flattering!

  15. Versatile, classy and flattering...what's not to love!

  16. I love this dress, and it is very flattering on you.

  17. I really like the way you've styled this with the crisp white shirt underneath such a classic shape dress! Lovely and elegant!

  18. Oh, I LOVE how you've style the dress...the shirt+belt=fabulous!

  19. It's no wonder you love this dress! What a great, sharp look. And pairing it with a dress shirt underneath is a great new use of it!

    The Auspicious Life

  20. @ col - thanks!

    @ keri - seriously, right? the right dress just does wonders.

    @ no guilt fashion - thanks--I loooooove it

    @ vanessa - Thanks!

    @ lilly - thank you!

    @ linda - it is seriously such a great staple for work. Thanks for your kind words!


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