Monday, February 14, 2011

Office Supply of the Month | Binder clips

I have a confession. For the longest time as a kid, I had no idea what binder clips did. In fact, I was a bit scared of them. Could. Not. Figure. Them. Out.

Now, I love them. I love that they can hold way more than a paperclip without the permanency of a staple. I love how they come in various sizes so that you can choose just the right one that sits nearly flush with your papers without sticking out awkwardly. I love using them away from the desk. But enough about that.

Louis Baltzley is credited with inventing the binder clip in Washington D.C. in 1910; a patent was granted in 1915. Back then, the most common method for binding larger amounts of paper together was punching holes and sewing them together.  Not exactly a very versatile solution. 

Binding things together
Desk-side cable management (via Lifehacker. I do this at home.)
To keep toothpaste rolled from the bottom up rolled (I do this, too)
Makeshift clipboard (binder clip + thin, hard surface)
Hanging a packet of things
Chip clip
Duvet cover clip
Keep trash bags from slipping down
Refrigerator beer stacker

Fun with binder clips

What are your favorite binder clip uses? Favorite binder clips?


  1. I was playing with a binder clip as I clicked on my google reader.

    Binder clips are cooler than paperclips because they do not slide off my papers when thrown into my bag or thrown onto my desk.

    Currently my favorite binder clip use is the binder clip I use to hold the pulley (string. metal thing. whatever it is) for the blinds here at work. The cubes are too far away from the wall to reach it and we need to block the sun a lot so the binder clip holds the string and also clips onto the edge of my cube wall.
    I bet you didn't know binder clips were so versatile.

  2. I use binder clips almost every day, but my favorite use is probably hanging something (ie: lesson plans on my board, or calendar on the wall). I get one of those 3M hooks and place it where I usually want the item to hang. Then, I get a binder clip, clip the thing, take the metal part and flip one of them up and bam...slip the hook through the hole. Instant holder without having to damage walls.

  3. Ha! I always thought they were some form of torture device. We use them to clip credit card receipts together until the statement arrives.

  4. Good call on using the V-day post to talk about something that you love.

  5. @ colleen - Great point about falling out--I do find that paperclips get caught on all other kinds of paper. Curtain pulls are a great use for binder clips!

    @ paperballoon journal - that is awesome!

    @ terri - They do look scary! I think I must have pinched myself with one when I was young because I do sort of associate pain with them. That was before I knew what they were and how to use them.

    @ adam mal - thanks. I am not much of a v-day kind of gal (and my husband doesn't seem to mind).

  6. i had no idea they were called binder clips either til i started really working in an office environment. but we didn't have any half as pretty as the ones youre showcasing. i love the ones that come in a tin! and those leopard print ones, rowr!

  7. Love this! I have also become enamored with binder clips, but I hadn't considered using them on my toothpaste tube. That's an excellent idea. I try to use them as often as possible at work!

    - Meredith

  8. So many versatile uses for binder clips. I don't have a favorite use, but I will contribute that paper clips are banned in my office; my boss is neurotic about using binder clips (and only size 3/8" and bigger; he hates the tiny ones). It's kind of amusing.

  9. @ t - I know, the ones I have at home aren't pretty either. But should probably get some now. :)

    @ cubicle chic - Yup, they are freakin' awesome.

    @ kathleen - weird! I love the tiny ones--they are cute. :)

  10. I just recently got a bunch of really cool patterned ones. I am storing them in a clear glass on top of my desk. looking at them makes me smile.

  11. @ isabella kiss -- o that is a great way to display them!

  12. I loooove binder clips!! Haha. I have about 6 different sizes at work! Good call :)

  13. @ sara - aren't they grand? l.o.v.e.


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