Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My frumpy valentine

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual friday denim skirt ann taylor mossimo sweater enzo angiolini nude pumps patent j.crew skinny belt
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual friday denim skirt ann taylor mossimo sweater enzo angiolini nude pumps patent j.crew skinny belt
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual friday denim skirt ann taylor mossimo sweater enzo angiolini nude pumps patent j.crew skinny belt
Mossimo waffle-knit cardigan - 2010 - gift (similar) / Target dobby dot shirt - 2009 - $13 (similar) / Ann Taylor denim skirt - 2006 - $6 (similar) / Enzo Angiolini Siobhan pumps via Piperlime - 2010 - $35 (available) / J.Crew outlet belt - 2011 - $5 (similar)

What started out as a really awkward outfit turned out okay (don't you love when photos tell you differently than the mirror?).  I actually started out the day with thick black cable-knit tights, but I took them off once I got to work and realized they were bothering me. I thought that the dobby top and cable-knit tights would play well together, but I was wrong.  This is much better.

Oh, and this is also what I wore on Valentine's Day. What is with all the pink anyway?

What worked
This outfit was so cozy and comfy. I love this sweater, and the nude pumps work really well with bare legs. I just noticed today that the color of these shoes is "pale pink patent."  They don't look pink at all to me (although they did the other day).  How odd.

What didn't 
At times this outfit felt really frumpy.  I much prefer the sweater open, but it doesn't really have much shape to it, and the skirt is a bit large (but one heck of a bargain).  Might want to stick with more tailored bottoms next time I try a shapeless top.

Did you go festive for Valentine's Day? Did anyone in your office?


  1. You make frumpy look down right fashionable! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day!
    besos, lynn

  2. You don't look frumpy, at all. This looks so cozy! And I can't say much for the pink thing on Valentine's, I'm in a pink mood this week. It keeps me from wanting to die when I see the snowbanks in my driveway. Hot pink nails are currently cheering me the hell up :)

  3. The color of your sweater goes really well with the black & denim......& you are right, the nude shoes look really great on bare legs!! :)

    I didn't wear pink/red for V-day too.......white, green & beige were my colors for the day!! :))

  4. Frumpy is my usual look! But this is not frumpy at all! I love that sweater, it makes we want to curl up and read a book at a bay window. Ah...

    The Auspicious Life

  5. i really love the green knit cardigan and i don't think it looks frumpy! and the "pale pink patent" pumps are perfect with it!

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  6. I completely understand about feeling that an outfit is frumpy throughout your day. It's funny how even though something can look really good (and you can see it when you're looking at the photos), it can feel frumpy, or stuffy or sloppy.

    To reiterate, you do not look frumpy, and I love that sweater!

  7. I think you look adorable! That skirt fits you perfectly and I love those heels. I am super jealous over that belt too. What if you belted outside of the cardigan?

  8. I wore red and purple with a red coat and a purple purse.
    But I did not plan that for V-day. I wore the red shoes since I hadn't worn them at all in my 30 for 30. The rest fell into place. I didn't even try to match the coat and purse that is just what I had been wearing. (you will read all this in my post once I make it.)

  9. If u reverse the sweater and shirt color and do jeans this is what i wore yesterday too

  10. frumpy? i don't think so! that cardi looks so comfortable :)

  11. I don't think you look frumpy at all! The pencil shape of the skirt keeps the outfit looking pulled together and tailored and that sweater looks so cozy!
    I must admit, I do wear pink (and red) on Valentine's Day, but that's because I can't resist a theme!

  12. I love a great denim skirt. I think you look cute, not frumpy!

  13. I wore a bright red sweater, along with big red heart earrings. You can only wear those once a year, so Monday was my only chance!

    And p.s. you don't look frumpy!

  14. I love this look...you can never go wrong with denim:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Silver Lining Décor Jewelry Giveaway!!♥

  15. This is so NOT frumpy!! I love the entire outfit, it's so well put-together and perfectly cute, great job!! :)

    And I can see how the shoes could look pale pink one day and nude the next...it probably depends on the lighting as well as the other pieces of your outfit.

    Oh and I wore a black skirt, pink lace tank over black tank and white sweater with snakeskin heels! I was going to wear red but then the pink lace top was begging to be worn since I hadn't worn it yet.

  16. I LOVE these shoes, they look amazing on you! Sometimes I FEEL frumpy when I wear my long army green cardigan but I don't think it LOOKS at and I def don't think you look frumpy at all!

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  18. @ lynn - thanks, lady!

    @ Sam - hot pink nails sound fab!

    @ polka princess - not too different from mine!

    @ linda - that's how I felt! It is definitely good for comfort.

    @ kileen - thanks, girl!

    @ sorren - thanks...yeah, how something looks and how something feels is rather different.

    @ melissa - I think I'll try that next time! I was fully dressed before I threw the cardi on this time.

    @ colleen - oo red and purple together is an unexpected combo. can't wait to see it.

    @ destrehen's daughter - nice. love these colors.

    @ laura - it is comfy! thanks!

    @ vanessa - themes can be fun, but I don't have a lot of pink and red to begin with.

    @ mommyblogger - thanks!

    @ graduated learning - yes! sounds like a very festive outfit!

    @ collette osuna - love denim. it's my go-to.

    @ linz - yes, lighting seems to vary. oo pink lace sounds perfect for valentine's day.

    @ hope - Thanks, girl! I think it's the length of the long cardi--still getting used to it.

    @ mr. lonely - Welcome! Thanks for visiting!

  19. i have that same sweater in an oatmeal color, i love it! i usually wear it buttoned and with jeggings or skinny jeans, but i'm in school so i can get away with wearing casual all of the time. i have the same thought of trying to avoid the "frumpy" look when i wear it though.

  20. @ withacapitalz - Isn't the sweater so comfy? Like you, I usually wear it with my skinny jeans...even when open, I think the sweater is more balanced out by the skinny bottoms.


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