Thursday, February 17, 2011

Curly girl

sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual loft yellow ruffle top swapped black pencil skirt steve madden t-strap mary janes curly hair
sacramento office fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional blog business casual loft yellow ruffle top swapped black pencil skirt steve madden t-strap mary janes curly hair
Loft ruffle top - 2008 - $30 (similar) / Textured black pencil skirt - 2010 - swapped (similar) / Steve Madden mary janes - 2003 or 2004 - $20? (similar) / Bird earrings - 2010 - gift (similar) / Black hose

Look what I found on my camera! This is from late January, and I totally forgot about this outfit (having a huge memory card in your camera can be a curse sometimes).  I think this is all of the pre-February ones, but I need to step up my game to get some of these other ones out before more start backing up.

Anyhoo, on to the actual look. I really liked this one! Totally a fun office appropriate style. I think this was just a normal day in the office, but this could also have worked if I had a meeting (although not one with the top dogs--that's suit duty).  And these shoes are so comfortable...I should probably replace them soon because the leather (or faux leather? not sure) is totally cracking. But they lasted a looooong time.

On another note, my hair is long enough to curl! A huge difference from my ear-grazing cut a few months ago. I love how fast my hair grows.

What worked
A tailored blouse in a solid color is a must for business casual wear--this top goes well with skirts, pants, or even jeans on the weekend.  The sleeves are long enough to be modest but are fine for summer, too.

What didn't
Not much. I really liked this one.

What's your threshold for suiting up? Presenting? Interviewing? Never? Always?


  1. Oh how I love this. Love it! That blouse is so pretty on you and I love the t-strap heels.

    I don't even own a full suit, but I'll throw on a blazer for our board meetings. Which, actually, ends up being more professional than any of the board members outfits.

  2. Oh, I LOVE yellow with black - I actually wore it yesterday! And your hair is really cute curly - my hair always looks like a hot mess when I curl it, so I'm really jealous!

  3. That blouse is a great color for you.

    I am pretty much a "never" when it comes to suits. Occasionally I'll wear one for an interview, but I much prefer separates.

  4. I love this blouse on you. Great color! And the earrings are adorable.

  5. this looks so great! I love that top, it's such a great color for you! And your hair looks so pretty curled!

  6. I really like the details & the color of the top.....pretty yet businesslike! :)

  7. LOVE! Totally office chic, with the flattering pencil skirt, bright top, and t-strap shoes :)

    I love having "back up" outfits for days that I don't get a chance to take pictures! Like today, since I had to haul my behind to a different state for work.... thank you Tuesday photos :)

  8. what a beautiful yellow blouse and your hair is so pretty curled!

    cute and little

  9. I really like your hair curly. I'm a sucker for curly hair though. I wish I curled my hair more but I'm lazy.

  10. Great hair! I love the shirt! So colorful and great ruffles.

  11. I really like this outfit too, my favorite is that blouse!

  12. Completely gorgeous. I love the waves in your hair and the ruffles on the blouse!

  13. i really love this look on you. and the slight curl looks so effortlessly chic.

  14. i really liike this outfit. and some people say asians can't wear yellow, but you look great!

  15. I love this- I love shirt shape with the t-straps and the yellow ruffles make it really interesting! Your hair looks beautiful in this pic too!

  16. fantastic blouse - you look great!

  17. Very cute outfit! Your hair looks lovely curled - very polished!

    - Meredith

  18. Love the shot from the archives! And that yellow blouse and bird earrings are so great.

  19. @ melissa - heh heh I totally know how that is. I'll suit up for a meeting and my boss will show up in jeans. Go figure, right?

    @ ashley - oh dear, I would love to see your hair curled! This is after a whole day so it's fizzled down a bit, but it was much larger in the morning after I curled it.

    @ grace - that's great...I agree suits are always a good choice for interviews.

    @ jody - thank you!

    @ pixie in pumps - thanks! Just proves I do have some colors other than black, gray, white, and brown in my wardrobe. :P

    @ polka princess - that's why I just love it! $30 is a lot for a top, in my opinion, but I just couldn't let this one go.

    @ nicole - I hear ya! Some days are just not picture worthy (or repeats! it happens.)

    @ kileen - thanks, girl!

    @ colleen - me too. I love love love curls. I actually permed my hair a few years back so I wouldn't have to work as hard at curls. It was great but it damaged my hair so much I don't think I'll do it again. I haven't picked up the curling iron since this day. :)

    @ kimbrasue - you can't go wrong with ruffles!

    @ curls-and-pearls - thanks! It is a lot of fun.

    @ Sal - thanks, love!

    @ laura - yes, that's why I love curls!

    @ neurp - I've never heard that one! I guess it depends on the shade of Asian and the shade of yellow. :P

    @ basiccravings - yay!

    @ hope - thanks!

    @ eek - thank you!

    @ meredith - thanks, girl.

    @ vanessa - aren't the earrings adorable? Neurp (a few comments up) got them for me for Christmas (or made them? can't remember :(

  20. Great look--one of my faves! You should wear your hair curly more often.

  21. I think this is one of my favorite outfits on you! The yellow is so pretty with your coloring.

    I pretty much only wear a suit when interviewing, if then. I work in a creative field that allows for a lot of self-expression in our dress. My boss's philosophy on dress code is: as long as it's not sloppy and/or wrinkled or jeans we're in good shape. If I showed up in a full on suit they would probably think I was going to an interview on lunch! I've never even seen the Co. Pres. in a suit

  22. @ kathleen - thanks! if I weren't so lazy, I might. :P

    @ rachel - thanks! I hear ya...I sometimes get grilled when I dress up cuz they think I might be interviewing. HOw funny.

  23. This look DEFINITELY works for you! And I can just imagine how versatile that shirt is.

  24. @ courtlynn - it is! I love fun details on a blouse.

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