Monday, February 7, 2011

Make Believe Monday | Dress + jacket = suit

You may already know, I am a suit nerd. I just love them, probably because I don't have to wear them everyday. While I have a few pant suits and skirt suits, what I'm really jonesin' for lately is a dress + jacket suit.  It combines my love of sheath dresses and blazers for a really put together look. 

From my online browsing, it seems that these dress + jacket suits are rather elusive to find. Your best bets when finding such a suit are to go the suit suite route (Banana Republic monogram and J.Crew super 120s come to mind...a single fabric and set of colors in a variety of items and cuts) or just go in person to a department store.  There is something a little mature and classic about this look, which may be hard to find in trendier stores.

Here are some of my picks...including sets that are meant to go together and a pieced together look from Loft.

Do you like the dress + jacket suit look? What tips do you have for shopping for a suit like this?


  1. I do like this look. I haven't been able to successfully pull it off yet, but I have an idea in mind for later in the February 30 for 30!

  2. I do like this fact I'm attempting to pull it off for tomorrow's EBEW!

    The Auspicious Life

  3. Oh, I like the calvin klein.

  4. @ grace - I haven't done it either, but I'm thinking that my black suit blazer over my sheath dress just might do the trick.

    @ linda - oo fun! Can't wait to see it!

    @ terri - me too. Calvin's my fave. :)

  5. i really like a good sheath dress, too....but they are hard to find...especially with a matching jacket. actually...victoria's secret online used to have some great matching sets, although i haven't shopped in a while. but these days the dress and jacket don't have to match anymore, right??! i like the purple dress.

  6. @ oomph - yes, I can't find them anywhere! I don't think they have to match.


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