Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Like mother, like daughter

Everything I learned about shopping, I learned from my mother.  When we were young, she would take us on walks around the mall.  Even as recent as a few years ago, when I lived at home for a brief eight months, my mom and I would often walk the mall after dinner on weeknights.

It is fitting, then, that I would love my mother's closet.  During my visit this past weekend, it got a lot colder in Southern California than I expected.  I mean, really, I live in Northern California now...winter is a lot colder up here.  So silly me did not bring a jacket, and boy did I regret it.  I rummaged through my mom's closet before I went out with the girls for dinner and found this gem--a wool houndstooth blazer from the '70s.  I threw it on and out I went.  The next morning I left to head back up north and took the jacket with me.  My mom said to bring it back next time I see her, but I have a feeling she might have to pry it from my hands.

My mom comes to visit next month, so in the meantime, I will be making regular use of this blazer.  I wore it to work on Tuesday for a mismatched suit type look.  Threw a tie-neck shirt underneath to give it some feminine flair and tried to curl my hair (result: ponytail).

Details: Blazer - vintage (mom's); Top - Target; Pants - Banana Republic Factory Store; Shoes - Enzo Angiolini.

Here are some detailed shots of the outfit.  The pattern on the blazer is blue, black, gray, and brown.  The shoes I stalked for over a year before I found them on sale at Nordstrom.  Already planning on rewearing this outfit at my conference next week in New Mexico.


  1. your mom does have great taste (remember that cheongsam we found?). i always wished my mom and i were the same size... i've picked up two pairs of vintage jeans from her and a pair of shoes, but nothing else fits!

  2. Seriously. I can only fit into some of her clothes, mostly dresses. Apparently there is a matching skit to this blazer, but if it was my mom's from the '70s I definitely won't be able to fit into it. I wonder if I could alter it though...hmmm

    I always wished I could fit into her shoes! My mom had fab shoes...when my feet got too big she finally donated most of them since she wasn't wearing them anymore. My fave were a pair of sunny yellow perforated leather slingback peeptoes...they were as fabulous as they sound!


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