Friday, March 26, 2010

Knitting pretty

Another week down, another jean post.  The department I'm in at work probably wears jeans to the office more often than most business casual folks, but I think we do a pretty good job of keeping it neat and tidy.  Here's today's outfit:
Shirt: H&M - 2007 - $14; Vest: Old Navy - 2008 - $10 (sale); Jeans: Old Navy, 2010 - $12 (clearance); Belt: Gap - 2010 - $10 (sale);
Shoes: Nina (found at Ross) - 2009 - $16 (sale)

As you can probably tell by now, I have a few items in my wardrobe that make it in the rotation a lot.  A LOT.  These jeans and shoes are among those items.  The button up shirt is actually way small (newlywed weight gain, anyone?), but that's where the vest comes in handy to hide the bulging buttons (more on shirt fits in a future post).  I've also started unbuttoning the sleeves (although you can't tell in this pic).  On its own, the vest would also fits way too tight and reveals too much, both because of the cut and because the knit pattern in the front has lots of tiny little holes.

A quick detail shot of the vest's knitting:

On a more personal note, the curtains behind me in a lot of my outfit pics is actually my closet, the door to my right (your left) the bedroom door, and the space on the other side of me our office nook (where K works on his dissertation during the day and I sit and write these posts at night).  Our little apartment is converted from an office building (it's still retail downstairs), so there were no built-in closets.  The owners fitted the area by the door with some closet rods, and I got these curtains from Ikea to hide the mess.  In addition to housing (most) of my clothes--the dresser is still in the bedroom--this closet space also houses spare linens, sports equipment, camping equipment, and large hardware/home improvement equipment. How's that for multi-tasking?

Keeping it short and sweet today--it's the end of the week!  Going to visit some of my besties in the SF Bay Area (known them about 20 years already! How time flies!) and getting a camera tripod so that these pics won't be so blurry (K has been awesome taking most of the full-body ones, but neither of us are photographically inclined to begin with).  What do you have planned this weekend?


  1. What a lovely vest, the detail on it is great! Thanks for stopping by, btw! I mentioned over on my site, but I actually went to UC Davis for the first two years of college and loved it there. What did you major in?

    xoxo Maria at

  2. Thanks! I never actually went to UC husband is finishing up his PhD there tho, so here I am!

  3. Oh! That's great you are getting the opportunity to see it, I think a lot of people just pass on by thinking it's a cowtown, hahaha! Loving the blog dear!

    xoxo Maria

  4. ooh, this is one of my more fave outfits so far. i'm really starting to get inspired by your use of color, like in this outfit. the belt brings just a tiny bit of color, but it makes the outfit so much more interesting!

  5. Aw thanks hon! Glad you like it!


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