Friday, March 19, 2010

Ode to winter

As the first day of spring approaches, it's looking more and more like winter could possibly be over for good. Today's outfit was one of my favorites that I tossed together this winter, and it was hardly bearable since it was so warm outside. But wear it I did, and will soon put it away for the spring, summer, and fall (or parts of it, at least).
Scarf: Gift - 2008; Sweater: Gap - 2005 - $19; Tank: Target - 2010 - $6.50;
Skirt: O'Neill (purchased at Marshalls) - 2007 - $12; Boots: Nine West Outlet - 2009 - $50

This outfit is cozy, comfy, and cute. I didn't have any meetings today, but this could easily have been more meeting appropriate if I'd taken off the scarf and put on a pearl necklace.

Do you have a winter outfit you'll miss now that spring is upon us?


Sale alert!  There's a Nine West studded peep-toe that looks almost exactly like the Enzo Angiolinis in my post on studs is on sale on the Nine West website!


  1. Looking at your outfit (which I like) reminds me that I will miss my boots.
    Last year I bought pair of winter boots that lace up the back. They also have a side zip to make them easy to get on and off. The laces adjust and make them very comfortable to wear.
    They are almost my favourite piece of footwear, but they really only look right in winter.

  2. That is the unfortunate thing about most boots. I pulled out some shorter rugged almost cowboy-ish boots this weekend to pair with a sundress, but I doubt I"ll be pulling this pair out again until fall. The great part about seasonal wear is that it makes it last longer, since they're not worn as often!

  3. love the red of the tank top peeking out. would be too boring without it (after you're inside and have taken off your scarf).

  4. YeaH, it definitely needed that pop of color. Although I usually leave the scarf on all day with this outfit (not a big fan of the high crew neck of the sweater.


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