Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Husband's day off [outfit]

miami fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional final touch top express jeans gap sandals
miami fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional final touch top express jeans gap sandals
 Final Touch top via Heart Clothing Boutique - 2011 - $34 (similar) / Mossimo tank via Target - 2011 - $9 (available) / Express low-rise flare jeans - 2005 - $20 on sale (similar) / Gap sandals - 2010 - $20 (similar)

Ever since we got slightly settled in (aka got the air mattress pumped and some ready-to-eat food in the fridge), K has been hard at work prepping for his new job! He is a college prof (hence his hesitance at being pictured on the blog), and school starts next week. Last week, he only took one day off...our anniversary! So what did we do?

Lunch at the Crepemaker
Haircuts at the Hair Cuttery (a traditional back-to-school errand)
Our near-daily Target trip (picked up a cheap iron so he's not all wrinkly on the first day of class)
Dinner at the Oceanaire (my mouth waters just remembering it...yummm)

I went along and got a trim, too, just to ease the growing out from my last cut. Then we got all spiffed up for our anniversary dinner. 

miami fashion blogger angeline evans the new professional converse dress target glitter flats
 Converse dress via Target - 2011 - $15 on sale (available online, but not on sale) / Classified glitter flats from random mall store - 2007 - $10 (similar) / Target earrings - 2011 - $6 (similar) / Kate Spade doodle necklace - 2011 - gift (available) / Gold plated leaf bracelet made by my friend S - 2010 - gift (similar, but mine has a chain and clasp on the underside)

Everything seems to happen for us in late summer (August and early September), probably since we've always been tied to the school year somehow. Eight years ago I met a cute fellow-resident-assistant in the dorms at UC Irvine. Four weeks later, he asked me out. Four years later, I moved back to California from NYC to marry him and was whisked off to Northern California. A little over four weeks ago, we left the only state he's ever known to start a new job and a new life in a new city. While it's certainly bittersweet to be so far from home and our friends, I love that we get to share this adventure together, just the two of us. There's something wild and romantic about getting our own little corner of the country to call our own. Don't get me wrong--I love my family and his--but I've always had an independent streak that has kept me from settling down or moving closer to my family. Miami, this unknown spot, barely touched by anyone else in our lives, is ours, and I like it that way. [end gushy rant]

Do you prefer living near friends and family or do you like to stake out your own spot?


  1. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Is that necklace a pen - from Kate Spade!?! I WANT IT - BAD

  2. Huzzah for adventure! And congrats to your husband on his new job--I hope his school year starts easily.

  3. Really cute dress, and the color is amazin <3
    Happy anniversary)

  4. So sweet. I felt the same way when my husband and I moved to MS after we got married. I love that top in the first picture and your anniversary date outfit is gorgeous. I love the ombre effect on the dress.

  5. Happy anniversary! Glad you're getting all settled in. I love your anniversary dress!

  6. That's a GREAT story, especially since you met as res life staff! I used to be a resident advisor at the Univ at Buffalo (NY) and later on a hall director; my husband has worked in res life the past 6 years and counting. I LOVE res life love stories :) :) :) CONGRATS to you both, and good luck in your new and exciting Miami adventure!

  7. i saw that target dress and wanted it too! :)

  8. @ Lisa - it IS! And it TOTALLY comes in handy. So much so that TOTALLY had to be capitalized. It's not too pricey, either! Get one!

    @ triskelos - thanks! I've been really into blue lately, which is funny because prior to this I rarely wore blue.

    @ roller coaster teacher - how fun! that was definitely a great year and a great experience. K's dorm was known for having an RA that dated another RA...I think we were the second RA couple to eventually get married in three years where one of the couple was the RA of K's dorm (whoa, that's hard to follow).

    @ step - it's cute, but a little low cut. I'll probably try a cami under it next time, but a little cleavage doesn't hurt for date night. ;)

  9. adorable dress!

    i've done both - living close and staking out new territory - and i think it's important to do both. moving away really helps you grow up and coming back really helps you appreciate what you grew up with.

    my husband and i celebrated our 16 year (dating) anniversary yesterday by going to the scene of the crime - same restaurant and park - of our first date. then we had dinner with my former roommates who were there on the night of our first date.

    recently we hung out with our friends from our time living in portland. love all of them!

    congrats on the years of togetherness =)

  10. Happy anniversary! Congratulations on your move - so very excited for your new start!

  11. Love the tee in the first photo. I agree that some distance from others you can rely on is GOOD for a young relationship. Hope his first day of class goes well.

  12. Angeline you are absolutely too cute! Love both outfits.

  13. @ Tami - How fun! I agree that balance is good. So far in our four years of marriage we've always lived at least 500 miles from our family. Hopefully sometime in the future we can live closer (maybe they'll move out never know).

    @ caroline - thanks! it's been a bit stressful at times, but I think we're really going to like it here.

    @ no guilt fashion - thanks, Danie!


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