Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Salute your shorts

Striped sweater via Marshall's - 2011 - $13 (similar) / Old Navy tank as undershirt - 2010 - gift (similar) / Joit cuffed shorts via Nordstrom - 2011 - gift card (available) / Gap sandals - 2010 - $20 (similar) / American Eagle outlet chain necklace - 2011 - $4 on clearance (similar)

Now here's something rare—shorts. Short-ish shorts. I don't think there's any debate over how inappropriate these casual shorts would be for the office, so let's just move on, shall we?

Shorts are a rarity not only on this blog, but also in my life. For nearly a decade, I swore them off completely. A terrible flare-up of eczema on my legs in high school (and the subsequent grossing out of classmates + teenage awkwardness) led to ugly scars, and I've rarely been without at least one flare-up since. For some reason, short skirts never got the ax, but I felt supremely uncomfortable in shorts. It wasn't until my first summer in Davis that I realized the relief they could bring in heat. And by that time (my mid-20s) I was over the fact that people might not be so comfortable with my eczema. It took me a while, but the answer to peoples' questions about my legs is now a simple, "Oh, that's just my eczema acting up."

Have you ever been self-conscious about something physical that was beyond your control? How did you deal with it?


  1. You know, I am equally as self-conscious about wearing shorts because I have an abundance of spider veins. They are of no threat to my health but I do find them a bit unsightly. At some point last summer when the temps in DC started hitting record highs I decided I was over being self-conscious about it and started wearing shorts pretty regularly. It feels really good not to worry about it anymore.

  2. I'm also a non-shorts wearer, and I just recently managed to find a decent pair at Charlotte Russe, of all places! My issue was more about fit and length... I like the top of my thighs covered, but retailers seemed to want my behind hanging out the bottom of the shorts! Re: eczema, have you tried cortizone cream? I've found that helps me if I have a flare-up. My sister uses the Aveeno products with great success.

  3. The sad thing is that I can think of far too many things that I couldn't change that made me self-concious. I am starting to care elss as I get older between realizing other women have the same type of hang ups and seeing that hardly anyone else notices. Shorts aren't my favorite but then neither are pants and it's more about fit issues than showing my legs. I have a hard time with short skirts more than shorts because of the cellulite on the back of my legs.

  4. "Camp Anawanna, we hold you in our hearts, and when we think about you..." :)

  5. Love the title! I'd forgotten about that show! You look fabulous in shorts. I've just rediscovered them this year and though I'm not crazy about my legs, they're perfect for TX weather and running errands. Plus I deliberately chose bright colors to hopefully draw attention away from my legs :)

  6. You look great in shorts!

    I never wore shorts in public...until this year. I bought 5 pairs for hot, summer weekends. It was out of my comfort zone all these years.

  7. I'm a big fan of longer shorts (I think they're called bermudas). I swore off shorts and skirts and dresses when I was younger. For what reason, I have no idea why, probably because I was scared of looking different and didn't know how to style them. I don't have eczema but I do have its cousin, psoriasis, and hate it. It usually crops up on my elbows and I try to hide it with long sleeves but eventually gave up. I also realized a bunch of my co-workers deal with the same issues, so that helps.

  8. These shorts are awesome! They're the kind of shorts you can dress up or down and their neutral colour makes them super easy to style. I also love the striped shirt you've paired this with!

    I also went through a shorts-ban from high school into first year university because (for some reason) I decided my knees were just the worst ever.

  9. @ Karen - I agree...it's freeing to not worry about it, but it takes a little bit of pep-talking to get to that point. :)

    @ ashley - Oh yes, fit is EVERYTHING with shorts. I like mine around this length. I use cortizone cream for just the dry patches, but unfortunately my eczema takes the form more of large oozy open sores (sorry for the visual). Aveeno is great, although I stopped using it regularly because it's pricy...I've got a good system down with Cetaphil cleanser and Aquafor ointment right now, though.

    @ S - oh good call! I'd love to try colorful shorts next.

    @ Jenn - oo psoriasis seems annoying, too. I think I finally came around to that realization with eczema...it's actually very common, just not my type. But most people at least know what eczema is. I like the look of bermudas, but they aren't so flattering on my body type.

    @ sorren - Thanks! I love these shorts, too...very easy to work with. LOL on the knees!

  10. Hi Angeline, I haven't been by your blog in a while and it sounds like your move went well. Hope you're adjusting to live in FL!

    Interesting that you posted about eczema and shorts; I also have eczema (specifically, atopic dermatitis) and it makes me so self-conscious about wearing shorts and skirts. I flare up every few months, usually due to stress and/or heat, and it sucks. I end up wearing pants most of the time. When I do wear shorts though, I tend to favor longer ones such as bermudas. I wish I could get over being self-conscious but it's hard not to be.

    All my skin creams and laundry detergents are perfume- and dye-free. Good call on Cetaphil and Aquaphor. I also like using Aveeno and Lubriderm and there's a moisturizing cream called CeraVe that's wonderful for my skin during the fall and winter.

  11. @ kathleen - Thanks for the tips! I have seen CeraVe but haven't tried it...I'll have to give it a shot (so desperate right now). :(


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