Monday, August 22, 2011

Work it in | Ombre

I'm loving the ombré trend this summer (yes, I know it's been around since before summer, but I'm slow, okay?). Ombré is a technique in which fabric is dyed to gradually fade into or out of one or more colors. While it is a little reminiscent of tie-dye, it is a lot classier, since it generally fades in only one direction (vertical or horizontal) and often pairs the main color with black, white, or other colors within the same family. It reminds me of watercolors and sunsets.

For work:
  • Ombré that fades in or out of a more conservative color is best for the office. Save your eye-blinding brights for the weekend.
  • A colorful ombré shell is a great alternative to a solid and not as intimidating as a print.
  • This pretty tunic would look great loosely tucked in (you don't want to lose the third color!). Toss it on over some skinnies for a relaxed weekend look.
  • An ombré wrap works as a pretty scarf when you're outdoors or as a wrap in a cold office.
  • Ombré looks great on shoes as well...your closed-toed pumps definitely won't be boring.
  • An ombré shirtdress adds a subtle hint of color to your workday (I'd belt this one for more shape).
For weekend:
  • Really...anything goes. Bring out the neon!
  • Ombré maxi dresses are so pretty...the length of the fabric and the watercolor look of ombré remind me of the beach, and you can dress them up for dinner.
  • An ombré manicure might not fly in a conservative office, but it's a ton of fun for weekends of non-office-dwellers.
  • This woven ombré looking clutch is so summery and pretty.
  • Feeling daring? Try your own DIY ombré shorts with this DIY from Pixie in Pumps. Looks so easy that even I could do it!
How do you feel about the ombré trend? How have you worked it into your wardrobe?

Picture above, clockwise from top left: Joie Ombre Tank, Converse dress via Target, Mar Y Sol Ariel Clutch in Espresso/Natural, Ralph Lauren RLX Ombre Linen Scarf, my nails last week (inspired by this tutorial and using Urban Outfitters Grey 4 nail polish).


  1. I think I like the idea of ombre more than I actually like ombre - like I always think it looks cute, and then I try it on and I hate it. I think it's just a smidge too bohemian for me.

  2. I did a glitter Ombre manicure post a week or two back, but I love the one you found. I think this is a good trend, and one that is easy to DIY too.

  3. awe thanks for the link! It really is easy to do. Though I think I forgot to dry them to set the color before I washed them because when I finally washed them they seem to have faded. Whoops!

    I love the ombre trend and these are great tips to incorporate it! I love the painted nails.

  4. @ No Guilt Fashion - I saw that! I saw this one back in July and tried it that same day. I find that regular nail polish seems to last a little longer than the glitter version, since it's not so thick at the tip.

    @ pixie in pumps - you're most welcome! definitely seems like a fun DIY.

  5. that is the coolest manicure!! but does it work with dark / matte colors?

  6. @ Step - I think it would depend on how thick each coat goes on. I tried it with the gray because I know it takes at least three coats to be opaque. I think if it's a dark color, but each coat goes on relatively sheer, it could work.


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