Monday, August 29, 2011

Black on black

miami fashion blogger angeline evans final touch top old navy skirt goodwill belt
miami fashion blogger angeline evans final touch top old navy skirt goodwill belt
Final Touch top via Heart Clothing Boutique - 2011 - $34 (similar) / Old Navy skirt - 2010 - $10 on sale (similar) / Belt via Goodwill Superstore - 2011 - $1 (similar)
[Worn: 08.25.11 | To: Write at home all day]

Well, folks, this is it: my last outfit from my limited suitcase wardrobe. By the time you read this, my stuff will be here and I'll be lying on my bed hugging my shoes, one pair at a time.

Things I am most excited to have back in my possession:
  • Bed. An air mattress is not a good substitute.
  • Shoes. I've been stuck on flat ground for a month and a half. I need some height!
  • Desk. I love this thing.
  • Microwave. The oven is just sooooo slooooooow.
  • Sweaters and blankets. Our A/C works...too well for my taste.
Now that we finally have our stuff, I'm slowly unpacking. I really love my apartment, but I can't help but have this nagging feeling in the back of my head that we might be moving in 11 months anyway, so is unpacking completely even worth it? This is my 10th apartment in as many years (four cities, three states), so the vagrant lifestyle is something I'm used to. Nonetheless, I love playing house, so I'm just going to pretend we're going to live here forever and really settle in. Because who really likes living out of boxes?

Do you move a lot? How do you adjust to new places?


  1. Love your outfit and glad to hear you getting your stuff.

  2. Soooo pretty! I love that you incorporated a hint of green too to break up the black. Where have you worn this outfit so far? AND, I'm dying to know what your fave part of Miami is so far? Love that city.

  3. Yay! I am excited for you to have all your closet back!

    You look so pretty in this skirt!

  4. I like this silky top! The pattern is unique, a fun spin on polka dot!

  5. I totally feel this way about our move to Boston this weekend. We are only going to be there 10-12 months and it's so hard to want to decorate but it's so so worth it. It only takes a few weeks to unpack and get settled in and then you get to enjoy it for the next 10 months.

  6. I totally understand debating whether or not to unpack, with another move so close in the future, but it definitely is worth unpacking and decorating. If anything, I would just keep the frustrating items you're unsure you'll use often packed until you need them.

    I'm loving this outfit.

  7. Unpack. Shoes first.
    You cannot continue to post pictures barefooted !

  8. @ professiongal - I haven't worn this anywhere! I have to admit...I don't even leave the house everyday. But this is just temporary as I get settled. :)

    @ vanessa - thanks! I love it (I even bought it full price...that's rare for me!)

    @ grace - yup...I hear ya. It's a struggle at first, but definitely worth it. I am drawing the line at buying any more furniture, though...that will have to wait until we get a more permanent place (I can't imagine getting it in here and then getting it back out).

    @ sorren - good point. I've started unpacking, and it's funny--I already have a new pile of stuff for goodwill (even though we made a giant trip before we left CA). I think that's another benefit of unpacking everything once you get to where you're going--you find out what you really don't need!

    @ lorena - Forgive me! I have my shoes now. All is well. :)


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