Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My workwear: Brownie points

The Rundown:
Mossimo tee (from Target) - 2009 - gift from mom (similar)
Old Navy pants - 2008 - $20 (similar)
Banana Republic necklace - 2010 - $12 on clearance (similarish)
Enzo Angiolini shoes (from Nordstrom) - 2007 - $70 (similar)

What worked:
I love how the necklace made the tee more than just a tee--most of my coworkers thought it was part of the top until I started playing with it. I'd been pining after a statement necklace for a while, so when I saw this on clearance (marked down from $59.99) I knew I had to have it. It has the perfect laid back feel to add something special to a basic outfit but also has chains and a subtle sparkle that I love. Confession: I wore the same tee + necklace combo, but with jeans and sandals, all day Sunday. 

What didn't:
I loved this outfit when I was wearing it yesterday, but looking back, it looks a little bland. Next time I think I'll try some pin-striped pants and a ponytail to really show off the necklace (you can sort of see the multi-color chains in the close-up picture, but those are quite pretty, too). 

Do you like outfits that are basic in color or shape? Where do you turn first to spice up a basic outfit?


  1. My go to accessory is always a belt. Usually a cardigan and belt.

    I really love that necklace! I'd wear it the same way if I had more statement necklaces. I only have one right now.

  2. @ melissa - I LOVE your belts. I need to bulk up my supply.

    @ natalie - Thanks! It's actually all necklace--the top is a plain t :)

  3. I would totally wear this to my office and fabulous necklace!!



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