Friday, September 17, 2010

Executive Summary | Links for your weekend | 09.17.10

Part of the set-up for my boss's baby shower yesterday. I made the congratulations sign out of supplies I already had at home. Free decoration = win.

Apologies for being MIA yesterday, but this week has been crazy.  Magazine deadlines, other deadlines, other new responsibilities, baby shower planning, and upcoming travel have left my mind spinning every which way (or nowhere at all, I'm not exactly sure).

Unfortunately it only gets worse from here.  So I'm taking the rest of the month off from the blog to concentrate on work, staying sane, and keeping up with my other responsibilities.  I'll still be posting on Facebook (and I'm slightly addicted to Twitter), so come hang out with me there!  Or follow the blog on Google (see right column), so that posts come right to you when I get back.  I've got some fun ideas brewing, so I also plan on using this time to get some of those rolling without worrying about the daily grind.  This is not the end, I promise.

But enough about me. Let's get to this weekend's links!
  • I don't keep makeup with me during the day (other than chapstick and lipstick at my desk), but the always pretty Keira's midday touchup tutorial video makes me think it's not so difficult to bring a few key products around.  My only tip is blotting with a (clean, unused) toilet seat cover.
  • The Vancouver Sun features some tried-and-true office fashion combos.
  • The Los Angeles Times blog takes on rain boots...most of which are chic enough to make the trek into the office (and maybe even stay there on a casual Fri)
  • I recently had my first experience helping interview and hire new employees, from sifting through resumes to making the offer. Believe Lifehacker when they say this: Ditch the resume lies for more successful interviews
  • Smartphones are all the rage nowadays, especially for the office set.  Check out the best iPhone and Android apps for getting things done.

So that's it until October, friends (unless you head over to Facebook).


  1. I totally understand the whole needing time off from the blog to manage your actual life thing; you will be missed though!

    Love that the Vancouver Sun article highlights a return to classic, quality dressing.

  2. Thanks, Jeanna. It's been pretty crazy (was at work until 2 am last night!). Hoping to be back super-refreshed, though!

  3. Enjoy your time off! Sometimes you just need to take time to get life in order. We'll keep in touch via Twitter and FB!

  4. I didn't know you're off. I miss your posts already. Hope you enjoy your little break!

  5. Are you really going to be gone for a full month?

  6. Thanks for understanding, gals!

    @colleen - Not a whole month, just under two weeks. Coming back on Friday!

  7. i'm so proud of you for taking time to take care of yourself and put this blog on a mini-break!!

    also, i STILL obsessively blot with toilet seatcovers, and wonder how on earth you came up with that neat-o trick. genius? friend? do tell!


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