Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dobby dots

The Rundown:
Target shirt - 2009 - $14 (similar)
Ann Taylor Loft skirt - 2009 - $13 (similar)
Blake Scott shoes (from Off Broadway) - 2010 - $40 (similar)
Claire's ring - 2006? - cheap (similar)
Kohl's necklace - 2009 - cheap? less than $10 probably (similar)

What worked:
While I don't normally plan outfits, this one has been in the back of my mind for a while (meaning about three days).  I really love this dobby-dotted camp shirt, but usually only wear it for casual Fridays or weekends. But then I got bored with all my button-up shirts (temporarily...I'm sure I'll get over it soon), and this one just stood out to me from the closet. I love the subtle texture, and you can see there are adorable pockets and fun sleeve details. The perfect interesting shirt to set off a basic skirt. And with black and khaki, red shoes just pop!

What didn't:
I wish I had worn a black cami underneath instead of looks way too see-through!  Black would have been more demure.

Sometimes the outfits in my head work out, sometimes they don't. Today I really loved my outfit, but K had tennis with the guys (until they got rained on) so I had to resort to flash after I got home from work. I don't know how those gals who go outside everyday for gorgeous shots do it!  A little freaked out for how winter will go...I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. Maybe it's time to recruit a second shooter at work?  hmmmm...

Do you ever obsess over an outfit in your mind to find that it actually does work? What combo did you discover?


  1. You look fantastic! I really love this. Simple but oh so chic and professional. You really look great.

  2. I love this outfit - camp shirts are really amazing pieces - they add such spice to what would otherwise be a boring outfit!

  3. Gorgeous outfit :) And I don't know what you're talking about the shirt isn't see through at all! Love the blog in general!!

  4. @ melissa - Thanks!

    @ ashley - Seriously!

    @ ginger - Thank you! It's not the shirt in general, just the little eyelets along the buttons.

  5. Love the detailing on the shirt, and the shoes are awesome!

  6. I love that shirt, but you didn't mention my favorite part; the white stitching. It looks crafty!

    I also love the Dr. Scholl's. ;-) I prefer Foot Petals, but you might like the current product for inclusion of a tad bit of arch. Anyway, my point is that I love to see someone else who's realistic and not torturing herself as much. (It can get SOOOO expensive though. My feet are needy.)

    I'm also nervous about the cold section of winter here in Florida. Not sure what I'll do. ... I don't want to open up my coat to display my clothes but also look like a flasher! Haha, I just got that horrific image, anyway.

  7. @ ana - Thanks!

    @ ella - lol, that's actually the cami showing through the eyelet! But the detail is adorable. the arch support from the high heel insoles is definitely what helps me, and I have them in ALL my heels. Definitely not worth any pain. Laughing at the though of being a flasher...I'm guessing FL is like CA--not too long of a winter anyway. :)

  8. i'm sure i'm like most other people in this... i'll think of an outfit i know will look great. i'll lay it out on my bed, and it still looks great. then like 5 minutes before i need to leave i'll put it on, and ha! it's no good! then i'll spend the next 10 minutes trying different things. gah! why do things looks so different in our heads and in real life? :(

  9. @ neurp - I do that too! except with less planning. It's more of a random standing in front of my closet in the dark type of thing (there are no lights within like 6 feet of my closet--weird). Sometimes they look good though, right? right?

  10. I love your look and the way you've put together the whole outfit!

    I normally go for black heels (see my comment under "How high is too high?") and would never have chosen the white skirt, but somehow you've made it all work together. Love it!

    Looking through your blog, you're an inspiration!


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