Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Green swing jacket x3

The Rundown:
Old Navy jacket - 2010 - $30 (similar)
Banana Republic top - 2007 - $30 (similar banded hem top)
BR Outlet pants - 2009 - $12 (similar)
Nina shoes (from Ross) - 2009 - $16 (available)

What worked:
So you saw two iterations of this green swing jacket last week.  This is my third try (well, third photographed try, at least).  With wider-leg trousers instead of the streamlined bottoms I had before. And you know what? I don't think it turned out that badly.  Having the slim fitted top underneath helped balance it out.  I think.

What didn't:
I think the shirt underneath could have been slimmer (this one had a wide-banded bottom but then blouses out over it...perfect for hiding mini muffin tops). But this outfit was definitely comfy.

How do you balance out proportions in your outfits? Do you prefer volume on top or bottom (or do you mix it up)?


  1. I like this one too! Fabulous shoes :)

  2. I am so ion love with the color of that jacket. It's so pretty and cheerful!

    You look great in this. I tend to try mixing up my proportions. I don't want to west the same silhouette every single day.

  3. Yay! I noticed that we have the same shoes and even from the same discount retailer. Did you buy it like 2 years ago, winter 2008?:) I wore my LPGA jacket inspired by you few days ago. I also paired it with my nina shoes. I still think your jacket is cuter whatsoever:)

  4. I mix up the proportions, but I generally try to keep the whole silhouette from being too blousy or baggy. I think your jacket works here because you kept it buttoned. Very nice!

  5. Thanks ladies...I try to mix it up between volume on bottom and volume on top, too.

    @ miss. studios - I think I got mine last spring (so 2009?), and they are one of my fave pairs of shoes. Aren't they awesome?!?

  6. I love the shoe pic, so cute!
    I usually pick one or the other, either a fitted top and full skirt or skinny jeans and oversize top!

  7. oh man, i love that bright green jacket! what a way to spruce up any day when you're feeling down, or it's raining! just lovely!

  8. @ liz - Thanks!

    @ linda - Seriously...I don't know why I haven't worn this jacket more!

  9. I like my volume below my waist and down through my thighs, maybe knees or even below.

    I love those shoes. Zappos is down but they are heels, right? I'd love that in a flat. I only have one pair of brown flats I've never worn and I doubt I can make them comfy enough. They're rigid pleather that I bought (from Target last winter) because they look vintage. I need wicked flexible fabric on my flats. Sigh...

  10. @ Ella - Yes, these have a slight heel (maybe 1.5-2"? Not too bad). I've had a hard time finding comfortable flats, too...definitely need that flexibility since your foot isn't already bent into a heel!

  11. Oh I know what you mean about flats. It's hard to find any that are just right.

    I much prefer heels. There's just something so nice about how they feel and they always give my mood a little boost.

  12. @anonymous - I prefer heels, too. I'm pretty petite and that boost just helps. Plus the way it makes your calves look just can't be beat!

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