Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday, folks!  K and I were in Washington DC for the long weekend (I took Friday off to make it even longer), and spent the entire weekend outdoors, walking the historic streets of our country's capital.  Needless to say, I don't have a post for you this morning, but will just leave you with this phone camera photo of the reflection pool and Washington Monument (from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial).

If you're history geeks like we are and you haven't been to DC, you should definitely go.  It was K's first time there, and as a PhD candidate in American politics, it was a perfect blend of sightseeing and him telling our local friends the history of various buildings and political traditions.

Have you been to DC or do you live there? What is your favorite part?


  1. My sister lives in DC and I love to visit! She goes to work all day, and leaves me to wander the city. The Natural History Museum is totally my favorite because I love the woolly mammoths and all the rocks and minerals upstairs. I'm a totally mineral nerd and the giant tourmalines are amazing!

  2. I visited DC twice with my fiance before. This city is so organized and richly studded with cultural jewels. Absolutely the best city to raise the kid. I like the botanical garden, arlington museum and chinatown (great selections of internation cuisine)! I also find it very interesting that your husband is a ph.d candidate.

  3. It is beautiful! I love D.C. My husband and I got married at the D.C. Mormon temple.

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  4. I lived there for a short time and I have always loved the city, though I don't know if its for me as far as living there goes. I loved the view of the Jefferson memorial and and the Washington monument from the metro from from Alexandria right before you go into a tunnel. It never failed to awe me even in the worst of moods on the longest commute back from a very long day!

    I love old town Alexandria. It's such a charming area of DC. If I ever went back to live I'd want to live somewhere in Alexandria.

  5. I went in 1992 and also this past May http://picasaweb.google.com/colleen.michelle.mccloskey/May9DCDay1# has Day 1 pictures. We were there for 5 days.

  6. Love your blog! And DC. I study in Prague now but I grew up calling DC home and it's still where I come home to every summer. There's this beautiful area by the waterfront, just off K street and near the Regal movie theater that is just incredible. Grass, water, benches, picnics. And down the water just a bit are some nice restaurants and prom dinner staples like Sequoia. And from this point you can see Watergate and the Kennedy Center and since M street is just a few blocks away the shopping is there too!

  7. @ beth ellen - I loved the minerals, too! Of the Smithsonians, I got to see Natural History, Air and Space, and American History. So sad I couldn't hit them all.

    @ miss studios - ooo I don't think I really got to visit any of those areas! But I do think it would be a great place to live.

    @ elaine - That's awesome! I can only imagine how beautiful that must have been (that city is full of amazing architecture).

    @ jenni - We weren't able to make it to Alexandria although it was recommended to us (my boss used to live there)...we definitely plan on going again though! So jealous that you got to LIVE there!

    @ colleen - How fun! I like your pics. The last time I was in DC was in 1987--I still have the ticket from our White House tour!

    @ Ginger - Thanks! We didn't get to see the waterfront at all, but will definitely try to visit again! I'm falling more and more in love with the East Coast every time I visit.

  8. the best part for me was seeing the lincoln memorial. when i was in taiwan recently, i visited the chiang kai-shek memorial hall (which resembles lincoln's) and the guy i was with asked if it wasn't sooo amazing that we were there. ...not so much, haha. i may be chinese but i was born raised here so american history means so much more. and, corny as it is, it was really cool to finally see the actual thing, and not just on the back of a penny!

  9. @ neurp - isn't Lincoln grand? I've only driven by the Chiang Kai-Shek memorial hall but the architecture there looks amazing!


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