Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lotuff and Clegg review and giveaway

I love leather goods. I really do. I understand some of you may not agree with real leather, and if that's you, you're welcome to ignore this post completely.

If you're a fellow leather lover like me, you know how good the buttery leather feels to the touch, how durable it is, and how it ages beautifully with time and care. Quite a few months back, Lotuff & Clegg, a New England-based leather goods company, asked me if I'd be interested in telling my readers about them and testing out a bag. A quick glance at their website confirmed that these goods, while beautiful, do not come cheap, and low prices are one of the main things I look for when I shop. I told them my qualms and asked if there was something they could throw in for my readers, since the product sounded great, but the price, not so much. I wasn't going to plug something that my readers have no way of getting their hands on. They agreed, but more on that later.

They sent me one of their leather working totes in chocolate. And it sat in my apartment for, oh, four months. Where in the world do you take such a thing? The only use I could imagine for it was as a travel tote, so I waited until my trip to Southern California in October to try it out.

Check out the size of this thing (yes, those are workout clothes).
It fits a lot. Shown: purse, iPad, thick book, water bottle (to fill up after getting through security), scarf, point-and-shoot camera, cardigan, bag of food (gingersnaps and a sandwich), bag of liquids, bag of electronic chargers and cords.

  • Quality. This is the real deal. The leather is thick and sturdy, and the stitching is tight and even. A lot of care went into making this bag, and it shows. Makes sense, since the company is known for their craftsmanship. They even have a cool video on their website about it. They manufacture all their bags in Massachusetts.
  • Color. The tote I reviewed was a deep, rich, goes-with-everything brown. Lotuff & Clegg uses a vegetable dying and tanning process using all organic ingredients. I thought that was pretty cool.
  • Capacity and sturdiness. In addition to the stuff shown above, I also ended up stuffing in a laptop and board game (to give to my nephew). 
  • Perfect travel tote size. It's large enough to fit all my essentials and still fits under the seat in front of me. When I had the laptop and game in there it fit best lying on its side, but on my most recent trip (without laptop), it actually fit just fine standing up on its bottom since there weren't any tall items that couldn't squish.
  • Price. Quality does not come cheap (although a girl can dream). But if you're on the market for this type of leather good, you're probably already used to these prices. The tote I reviewed retails for $750 (three times the price of my wedding dress).
  • Weight. Leather is heftier than synthetic materials, and when you combine that with the large capacity of this tote (and how much you're tempted to cram in), you've got yourself quite the shoulder weight.
  • Practicality (for me, at least). Like I mentioned, this tote sat in my apartment for four months because I couldn't figure out how to use it. But that's just this item and my lifestyle. If you're a tote carrier already, you'd probably get a lot of use out of this.
And now onto the fun stuff.

Lotuff & Clegg is giving away a red leather iPad sleeve to one lucky New Professional reader!
Keep your iPad snug and safe in this beauty or wrap it up for the technophile on your holiday gift list (retail value $150). No, the iPad does not come with it.

To enter, just leave a comment below telling me your favorite leather product and leaving a valid email.*

The giveaway ends Monday, December 5, at 11:59 p.m. EST and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, December 6. Prize will be mailed out as soon as winner provides their address (can be yours before Christmas).  

Edited to add: Giveaway open to U.S. residents only. I will be doing the shipping and it is just too pricey to ship internationally. Sorry!

*Please note: Just because you are commenting from a Google or Blogger profile does not mean your email is automatically attached to your comment. To make your email visible from your Google/Blogger profile, you must go into your profile, click "Edit," enter an email under "identity," and make sure that privacy is set to "show my email address." If you have already left a comment but forgot your email or if your email is set to private, you have two options to complete your entry into this giveaway: 1) leave a second comment with your email referencing your first comment by date/time/name or 2) email me with your email address and referencing your first comment by date/time/name. Thanks!

Disclaimer: Lotuff & Clegg loaned me a leather working tote free of charge and donated the iPad case for giveaway. No compensation was exchanged for the review or giveaway and no agreement was made to guarantee positive coverage. I'll be putting the work tote back in the mail to Lotuff & Clegg next week. Aside from this review and giveaway, I have no other relationship with the company; clicking on the links in this post will not benefit me in any way. I just wanted to pass on some leathery goodness.


  1. I have a leather tote that I use for work. I stuff so many files in it that it has a small hole in the bottom and soon I will be forced to buy a new one. It is a navy color, so as to match both brown and black-based outfits. I think that may be the only truly leather bag I own.

  2. Ooh, I love that bag - I really could use a grown-up bag, so I'm excited to check theirs out... The iPad case is great too. My husband and I share one, and it's not easy to find a case that he'll let me put on it. He couldn't call this too girly!

  3. I am just wondering... HOW
    HOW could you let it sit that long before wearing it ?

  4. I finally decided it was worth the money to buy a nice pair of leather boots so those are my new favorite leather product.

    everythingward (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. I really want a pair of leather boots, but alas, they are really expensive. This would be great! I just got a new iPad at work!

  6. I like leather purses that are like a tote bag.

  7. I'm a fan of real leather boots.

  8. My favorite leather item is mt Neverfull tote bag. Indestructible.

  9. I think my favorite leather product is a handbag! I think they feel super nice and I like carrying them around. My email address is

  10. my favorite leather product (and i only have 2!) = my messenger bag! i found it on ebay and it's clearly a PS1 copy, but i love it and its buttery indestructability and multiple pockets. too bad it's insanely heavy.

    my email is

  11. favorite leather is my newish bag. it holds everything! would love to have this ipad sleeve, too!
    having trouble posting thru google, but my e-mail is

  12. What a beautiful Ipad cover! My favorite leather product is my tan leather boots that go with almost every outfit.

  13. My favorite leather product is my oberon wallet. Thanks for the giveaway ...and great review! I'd love to own the bag you reviewed.

  14. I love leather purses, they last so much longer and are usually worth the investment! Also loved the bag you reviewed! Email is carla(dot)olszewski(at)gmail

  15. Love the tote and the iPad case! I have a REAL patent leather Coach bag. In RED! Love it. It is my flight/travel bag. I just put my purse items in + kiddo essentials and I am off!

  16. Check out the legendary Frank Clegg's new company/website at .His original bags and designs still being made since 1976 which were featured for Lotuffandclegg. No longer with them. If your a fan of lotuffandclegg by from the designer and manufacturer Frank Clegg. No wanna bee! The Real Deal!

  17. Hi, this blog is really instructive. I would like to know more about this.

    Travel Leather Goods

  18. Well...after many many months of thinking about it, I finally pulled the trigger and treated myself to the Medium Leather Pocketbook. I can't wait!!! I am beyond excited! So...another item from Lotuff and Clegg would be the perfect happy ending!

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