Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jungle preppy [outfit]

Target Dress - 2011 - $12 on sale / J.Crew outlet belt - 2011 - $5 on sale / Nine West shoes from Marshalls or Ross - 2011 - $25 (using birthday money) / Banana Republic necklace - 2010 - $12 on sale

One of the biggest changes to my wardrobe now that I'm not in an office anymore is my hemline. For work, I was a staunch knee-length skirter. Any shorter seemed scandalous. Sure, I wore shorter skirts on weekends, but after dressing up all week I usually stuck to plain jeans. 

But now? Well, you've seen me lately. Those longer skirts have been gathering dust in my closet. I must be making up for lost time or something. This dress is one of my go-tos, and I've been switching up belts each time. Today was pink's turn. In my mind, green + pink = preppy. Love it.


  1. Go girl! I love this dress on you! What a great color and pattern!

  2. I love this dress.
    AND then I thought it was "familiar" to me ---- and then I remembered that I had seen Kasmira wear it -
    IF YOU ever get on a RUT with that dress (which I doubt) check how she has worked it.

  3. What a pretty dress!

  4. I do love that combo of green and pink. Since I have the blue version of that dress, I'm thinking purple...or maybe yellow...or hmmmm, what do you think?

  5. @ Lorena - Thanks for the tip! There are a lot of blogger who have this dress (in various colors)...definitely don't see myself getting bored with this one anytime soon. :)

    @ Christine - THank you!

  6. I have noticed that about your hemline. I have some shorter than appropriate for work skirts/dresses but rarely wear them because after dressing up all week, I stick with jeans (or not getting dressed) on the weekends.

    I like that dress.

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  8. I've got that dress, too. It's so versatile. I wear it all the time!

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