Friday, December 2, 2011

Perfect [outfit]

Paper Tee plaid shirt from Ross - 2009 - $7 / Express jeans - 2005 - $40 on sale / Target flip flops - 2009 - $7 on sale / Gold-tone ring from Joanna Paige - 2011 - $16 (birthday money) / NYC Color nail polish in Flat Iron Green - $2

Not me, of course (how boring would that be?). I'm talking about this outfit. I know it's super simple, but I feel like I could conquer the world in this outfit (maybe from behind the computer screen or phone). I woke up today super-motivated and then got sidetracked by the computer, like most days. Logged in some work, did laundry, and ran errands with coupons.

Ah, coupons. I'm not a couponer, not because I don't want to be, but because I am not gifted in this area of shopping. I find most grocery store coupons useless because our local store doesn't double coupons ever and the store brands I buy are usually cheaper than the name brand on sale (or best case scenario: store brands on sale). I did have a bunch of non-grocery shopping coupons, so I went to see what there was to see.

The coupons I hate the most are the "Get $x off of your $xx purchase," because they are designed to make you buy more than you may actually want to or need just to get the deal. Several of the coupons I had today were of that variety. But I think I made out pretty well by keeping my total to just above the threshold. Still got a few things I didn't need (darn you, Target), but I can always return them.

Are you a couponer? What kinds of retailer gimmicks do you dislike the most?


  1. I feel like I'm wearing a perfect outfit today too. It's blogger-chic actually, all the items I feel like I should own as a sorta-fashion blogger :P The percentage off a purchase over a certain amount annoys me, like 20% off when you spend $50 or more. If I see enough things I like I'll probably do it, but I always feel like I have to find enough to get the discount. So I usually just end up leaving it haha. My willpower is usually stronger than my desire for new stuff, which is always a good thing.

  2. I love your outfit too. I'm glad it makes you feel unstoppable. I think you like it so much because these colors look great on you!

  3. Angeline I am no couponer.
    No coupon thing-a-lingies where I lived.
    However IF i lived in the US, you'd bet i'd be !

  4. Want. That. Nail. Color. Green goes with everything!

  5. @ Christine - Thanks! It is nice to have some color.

    @ Lorena - Interesting! It's always interesting to hear what things we see all the time are just US inventions. :P

    @ Professionalgal - It is awesome. And cheap. You need about 3 coats, though, since it's also sort of thin.

  6. I love basic outfits like this. Button downs are my go-to piece! You look lovely!

  7. @ monster cakes - Thanks! I love a good button-down, fresh and so clean.


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