Friday, April 27, 2012

Executive Summary | Links for your weekend | 04.27.12

Organized my desk drawers this week. Gotta keep those foamy stress balls handy (and we have a three-hole punch, though I don't believe we own any three-ring binders).

If blog posts had subtitles, this one would be called "Brain Fart Friday." I have a screw loose today. Here's proof:
  • I dig out my extra watch links to get my watches let out (nevermind that I've been searching for those links for months, and this morning somehow I knew exactly where to find them). I take them into the Fossil store and hand the guy my watches and the links. He gives me an "are you serious?" look, and I stare back at him innocently. Apparently these are those easy links that  just snap on and off each other, and then on or off your watchband, no tools needed. Oops. At least we actually had a watch battery for him to do, otherwise I would have been embarrassed (oh wait, already was).
  • On my way to the Fossil store, I cut across the mall. There's an area of green carpet in the middle (where the kiosks generally are), and I'm typing out an email on my cell phone as I walk. I hear K call out "Stop! Be careful!" So I stop. I look down....and there are three steps right in front of me (camouflaged in green carpeting) leading down to an inset area (for kids to play in?). I was thisclose to a major head-first spill. Thank goodness for shopping buddies.
I did get a few things off my longish-term to-do list today, like finally getting my brother a Christmas and birthday present (he turned 27 in February, and luckily I only had to make up Christmas 2011). Check that off the list!

Now onto the reads:

I've recently gotten hooked on the IKEA Hackers blog. This take on the Marius stool is my favorite so far.

Looking for a career change but hesitant because you've already spent decades building your expertise? The Grindstone digs up the best jobs for a mid-life career change.

Over the past nine months, K and I have gone from knowing of one relative in Miami to the beginnings of what I can see to be lifelong friendships with some really great folks. It's scary to put yourself out there, but the reward is awesome. I love Words of Williams's tips for creating a community of friends.

Mashable! gives us 10 epic movie gadgets we wish were real. Hasn't anyone made a breakfast machine yet? I could really use one.

Scultures made of colored pencils? These Takafumi Yagi pieces featured on Shoplet are to die for!

Comb, bristles or pointy rubber—The Beauty Department compares mascara wands (I'll be sticking with my bristles).


In book reading, I'm currently engrossed in Water for Elephants.  What good reads have you found this week?


  1. I am sooo behind in my reading. I'm using this weekend to speed-read a few books that have been sitting on my desk. I think I need structured reading time every day.

    Fossil has the prettiest watches (and clothes). I like wearing watches, but I don't actually use them to tell time. I have a ToyWatch that's set to the wrong time zone, but I'm too lazy to change it.

    You always have such fun links. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend! :)

  2. I wish I had a watch with easy links like that. I feel like I need to remove links in mine because it spins the entire way around but it's too difficult and I spent $15 last time they took 3 off. I wanted 4 off last time but the guy recommended 3 and now I need more!


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