Friday, April 13, 2012

Me and the bean

The Bean (what kind of bean did you think I was talking about?)

How is it already Friday? (Yes, I still ask that every Friday.) Finally letting my confession out this Monday really spurred me on. Knocked out a few projects, sent out a pitch, purchased and downloaded My So-Called Freelance Life (thanks to Catherine) and committed to trying out a business networking group next week.

The other fire under my buns was my annual Chicago vacation (which in freelance terms means a bring-your-work-with-you and stay-glued-to-your-email kind of trip...I'm not baller enough to be able to put my two projects on hold yet). There's something about this city that drew me in when I first visited as an 18 year old, and I'm so lucky that I get to come out once a year during K's work conference. Spouses on work trips can be awkward, but I gladly leave him and his colleagues alone all day to find my own adventures. The icing on the cake is the weekend, when the conference begins petering out and K and I get to visit with my cousins and their families nearby.

I've been to the Cloud Gate sculpture (lovingly known as The Bean) before, but I hadn't spent much time there until now. I woke up bright and early on my first morning in town, sauntered over to Intelligentsia for some joe, and then grabbed a seat in Millenium Park, which was still empty aside from security and one other morning person. I sat there for 30 minutes while I nursed my coffee, taking in the bean, the buildings and the birds. By the time my cup was empty, the place was abuzz with the day's visitors, so I grabbed my fancy camera and joined in on the fun.

The best part? Helping a couple take their photo with the bean and inadvertently photobombing it with my reflection in the metal. You're welcome, folks!

I was so happy, I even attempted an outfit shot for y'all (attempted being the operative word).

H&M jacket, Merona top from Target, Gap skinny pants, Target flats


  1. Fun! I love Chicago too... this makes me want to plan a trip. And good for you being so productive this week!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I hope it's as helpful for you as it was for me.

  3. Awesome! I lived in Chicago for 25 years. That's so great that you get to visit the city every year. I love the Bean and strolling along Michigan Avenue.

  4. This is so cool! The next time I visit Chicago I will take a good picture of me and the bean too. Hope you had a fun and safe trip! :)

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