Friday, April 20, 2012

Executive Summary | Links for your weekend | 04.20.12

Another gratuitous Chicago photo. More on my flickr.

This week, I sent out a pitch, followed up on last week's query, organized and ran a charity raffle, updated the blog design, made a few great connections at a networking event (meetings on the calendar for next week) and read The Help (saw the movie first).

Did you know about Equal Pay Day on April 17? The date marks how much longer women will have had to work to earn what their male counterparts did in the previous year; it takes 472 days for women to earn the same amount as men do in 365 days. It is used to spread awareness, but in my opinion, awareness is useless without action. So what can we do?
  • Know what we're worth and don't be afraid to ask for it (recommended reading: Women Don't Ask).
  • Speak up when we see inequality in our communities and workplaces, whether it's due to gender, race, sexuality or other reasons.
  • Treat other women as we would like to be treated and encourage each other. Frenemies are so 2010.

Here are some of my favorite articles on the topic this week (by no means exhaustive):

Some more links from this week

One of the largest sources of frustration in the workplace (and in life) is when expectations and results don't match up. While this conflict can't always be avoided, The Grindstone offers some tips on helping manage expectations from the get-to, which helps.

I love these shiny office accessories from Minimalux (via Shoplet). It's like jewelry for your desk.

Can being too good at your job hurt you? Couldn't be possible, right? Five Cent Nickel shares a few experiences that might change your mind.

Are you getting thrown illegal questions in interviews? Would you even recognize them if you heard them? The Daily Muse shares five of the most commonly asked illegal interview questions and offers tips on how to protect yourself without burning the entire interview.

File this under "Duh": The sex lives of working women have nothing to do with their career success [The Grindstone]

I love peeking into other peoples' workspaces, and the #officesnapshots group on Instagram is the perfect looking glass.

What are you reading?

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