Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Book Review: All Work, No Pay

Last month (just after the internship series on this blog), I was sent a complimentary copy of All Work, No Pay by Lauren Berger (The Intern Queen) to review. If you're a student, chances are you've either secured your summer internship or are in a panic looking for one. Either way, I would pick up a copy of All Work, No Pay to get you geared up for your new adventure or the internship search.

Berger was an internship machine, completing 15 gigs before graduating from college, including several out-of-state internships. She is savvy and dynamic, and, frankly, it inspires me to be that way, too.

Internships were instrumental in laying down the foundation for my career. I had my first internship the summer after my sophomore year of college (I spent the first summer loading up on summer school...23 units!), and had six internships over the course of college and grad school, two of which led to job offers. My internship search spreadsheets were a color-coded thing of wonder, and all that interview experience continues to pay off. Even though I was already an over-preparer in my internship days, I wish there had been a book like this one—I knew nothing about out-of-state internships, but would have loved to pursue one had I known it was an option.

The book covers it all, from convincing you to find an internship (if you're not already convinced) to how to wrap up your internship. It progresses logically from the internship search to applying and interviewing for the job, appropriate dress and communication. There is also a great section dedicated to the Fair Labor Standards Act, the U.S. Department of Labor guidelines for unpaid internships, which is extremely useful if you're in that situation (know what you're getting yourself into).

This book is great for the college student without a clue. It offers tangible tips and steps to follow, including helpful charts to fill in during the search process. I would have loved to see some more industries discussed (the book drew heavily from Berger's experience in entertainment and public relations) and it was very wordy, but the book is an easy read with a big pay-off.

Disclosure: The Intern Queen and 10 Speed Press sent me this book free of charge for review, but the content of the review is all mine. No compensation was provided, and no agreement was made to guarantee a post or positive coverage.


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