Friday, August 3, 2012

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I bought this Divoga faux leather envelope for a job interview this summer and now use it daily at work. It holds more than a padfolio and looks like a chic clutch. It's not online, but I found it at OfficeMax for less than $20. (Check out Runway DIY's fun twist on the same piece here.)

Green Day is back with a trifecta: Uno, Dos and Trey. Their single "Oh Love" is a current favorite (stream it on their site and try not to love it), and I can't wait until September 25 for Uno. Fun fact: American Idiot came out on my 21st birthday and my party was "green day" themed...I wore green, we played football at the park, and topped off the night with appletinis (well, part of an appletini for me).


Office politics are a landmine, but Forbes offers some tips on how to navigate them successfully

Small talk can be painful. Here are five questions from Fast Company that will get you more than a one-word answer and help break the ice. (Note: The questions are in the sidebar below the main photo, not in the main article text. I almost missed them.)

Kyle Wiens makes a great case for good grammar being a job requirement over on Lifehacker. I'm not sure about his zero tolerance rule, but it is important.

Classy Career Girl's Anna shares her job search formula and how she ended up sending 25 applications and getting 5 interviews and 1 job offer.

I love Selena Soo's positive take on turning 30. I've always imagined 30 would be my favorite birthday (and I'm starting to plan more than a year in advance to make sure it is), and that it would be the start of a great period of life. [via Forbes]

The Grindstone offers some easy to apply tips for dressing for work if you're busty.

What are you loving and linking to these days?


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