Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Denim, art and other questions about starting a new job

A new job is a welcome escape from the uncertainties of the job market, but securing a job opens up another realm of uncertainties, big and small. A sampling from my mind this past week:
  • Which piece of art do you bring to decorate your space? 
  • Are jeans allowed on Casual Friday? Is there Casual Friday?
  • How long do you wait to update your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles?
  • Bring lunch or buy lunch? What's the overarching office culture?
  • Where is the closest Starbucks?
  • Will folks enjoy or bemoan my sense of humor?  
  • Headphones or ambient music? Earbuds or over-ear?
And most importantly...
  • When is it safe to bring out the brass knuckle mug?
[photo credit: former coworker B]

What questions burn when you start a new job? And really...what about the mug?


  1. I love your mug so I say go for it. I have the same kinds of questions relating to the type of art and some personal belongings I bring in over time. For example, I have a zombie Pride and Prejudice calendar right now. Don't know how that would work in a new place. I also have lots of gothic themed art like gargoyles, etc. I would be hesitant to take that into a new office. Luckily people in my office get my sense of humor and my "hopefully" other artistic choices like photos and actual paintings balance it out. Oddly enough, my boss framed a series of posters before I started working here with paintings recast in a media light. A co-worker has dogs playing poker via teleconference and I had to go for heavy metal Screen where everyone is wearing headphones!

  2. You're adorable. :) I think the same things, mostly about lunch and dress code. The mug isn't offensive so I say bring it on your first day! Break 'em in early. ;)

  3. Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
    Material Fixations

  4. Hah! I have that mug, and it sits on my desk at work. I took it in on my first day, and it's a great conversation piece/morale booster.

    1. Good to hear! We're actually in transition in our workspace (we were in a temp space when I first started and now we're all sort of placed willy nilly in the new space), so once I know where I'm setting up shop for good, I think I'm going to bring it in. :)

  5. I think we almost have the same questions in mind about starting a new job especially the lunch and the dress code. And I also ask myself how to act around my new co-workers.

  6. yeah dress code is always a big question mark for me. It was especially so when i started my current job after working from home for 3 years. Lunch i was curious about too. I packed my lunch for the first day just in case.

    And go for it with the mug! I bet it will be a great conversation starter! I might or might not have brought my cardboard cut out of harry potter to decorate my office after the first month... but i work in a TV studio, so cutouts and posters are the norm. (and not to mention i dress WAY too fancy for the general office culture... still working on that one.)

    1. Love it! I'm definitely still figuring out the dress code thing. Most days I feel overdressed, but I'd rather be rocking my own style and showing my confidence than trying to fit in.


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