Friday, May 11, 2012

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Brilliance New York lipstick in Blaze. I splurged on this baby back in February, and I am so in love. It is bright and fun when first applied, and then fades to a pretty stain. Perfect for summer.

MWF Seeking BFF.  New city, 52 friend-dates. If I'd seen her blog while she was doing this project and if she lived in my city, I would totally have sent Rachel a fan email. As it stands, I did so anyway after reading the book (hey, she's coming to Miami next week...I have a shot, right?).

Cap-toed shoes. I'm considering DIYing one of my older pairs if I can't find a pair I like in my budget. Any ideas on how to paint leather or faux leather?


Wardrobe Oxygen's "What Not To Wear Your First Week of Work" is useful well beyond the first week, in my opinion.

Glass Heel's Molly Cain shares the 8 things you're doing wrong on LinkedIn over on Forbes.

Is the power suit for women dead? The Grindstone chronicles its decline. I love designer Rachel Roy's take on it best: "Power shouldn't come from the clothes, but from the person."

Summer heat can make business casual unbearable. The Daily Muse shares some great dos and don'ts for summer dressing in the office.

I'm loving this multifunctional armchair on Apartment Therapy for casual computer work, but I'm a desk girl myself. On a similar note, Flavorwire rounds up some amazing unconventional workspaces (my fave is the cardboard pop-up for looks, not utility).

Written communication in business is crucial (seriously...count the number of emails you write compared to phone calls you make these days). Forbes offers 10 great tips for better business writing.

A note from Hillary to Jason.


  1. I love the idea of painting your own cap-toe shoes! Maegan at painted her own shoes awhile back, and I kept the link just in case! Good luck!!

  2. Great advice! Especially when it comes to silhouette.
    I notice in quite a few (so-called well dressed people) the lines of the apparel are not in harmony with the shape of the shoe.

  3. I just finished MWF Seeking BFF, and I loved it! I wished I had read it two years ago, before moving to my new city (but it was still great to read now, making new friends-wise, and entertainment-wise). I kind of want to be Rachel's friend too...

    (And I would love to see a cap-toed DIY!)


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