Friday, June 15, 2012

The make-up bag

A peek inside my makeup bag.

Bag: Lancome free gift with purchase, early 90s (from my mom)
Hair ties, clips and pins
Floss (x2)
Mary Kay satin hands lotion
Tide stain pen
Bobbi Brown pot rouge in Velvet Plum(for lips and cheeks)
Brilliance New York lipstick in Blaze
Revlon lipgloss in Firecracker
Flirt! Chickstick in Miss Temptress (nude-ish on me)
NYX Color lip balm in Sukriya (the best tinted chapstick I've found yet)
Tarte natural lip stain pencil in Moody
Tarte natural lip stain pencil in Joy
Covergirl Natureluxe gloss balm in Coral 230

As you can tell, I'm a lips and cheeks kind of gal.

What's in your make-up bag?


  1. I always have a comb, mirror, and Hurraw vegan lip balm with me (usually mint or almond flavors). I don't have a "makeup bag" that I bring with me. I guess I don't think about touching up my makeup while I'm on the go. At home, I have a ton of products from Urban Decay's vegan makeup line.

    When I worked in an office, I kept a lot more products with me. I also had an "emergency kit" in my office desk with snacks, Band-Aids, safety pins, Kleenex, etc.

  2. i ALWAYS have lip balm. when i travel i usually bring eye shadow pencils, lip gloss pencils, and solid perfume. if i think i might be going out, i'll bring eyebrow filler. i try to stay away from liquids (and powders) when i travel. just seems safer that way.

    1. I'm with you...I hate having to check luggage, so I bring as few liquids as possible (usually just one lip gloss and mascara). I've never had a problem with you mean avoiding breaking/shattering?

      The Beauty Department actually just posted a tutorial about fixing shattered powders. It looks easy, but I haven't tried it.

    2. yeah, i've took an eyeshadow palette with me on vacay once and when i opened it up, the shadow was all shattered even though the outside of the palette didn't appear to be crushed at all. :(

      and the beauty dept tutorial looks freaking awesome! tho i wonder if your makeup would forever more smell like alcohol? cause that sounds gross.

    3. I would imagine the alcohol smell would go away as it evaporates, but I'm not entirely sure since I haven't tried it. Definitely not a great smell.

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