Friday, March 23, 2012

Executive Summary | Links for your weekend | 03.23.12

I picked up this Urban Octopus print over Thanksgiving in California, but was putting off finding a frame for it (odd size/custom usually = $$$). I haven't been a fan of using hangers to hang art in the past, but this works fine for our little rental. Covers our fuse box and greets you by the front door.

Another week down!

Some highlights (good and bad) of my week: 
  • Having an eczema reaction to my new sunglasses (yes, on my face...eww). Thank goodness for Sunglass Hut's 90-day return policy!
  • Homemade turkey cheeseburgers with mushrooms (on english muffins, because we didn't want to buy a whole package of buns for two burgers).
  • My first Women 2.0 post going up on both the Women 2.0 blog and Huffington Post. Slowly, but surely, I will take over the Internets (...or not).
Lots of good reads this week, too!
  • What do you do with extra office supplies and free time? I'm guessing not this. [via Shoplet blog]
  • Looking to turn your blogging hobby into a job? I offer some tips over on The Daily Muse to help you bridge the gap and get the job. [self-promotion]
This week's reads also included Bedwetter by Sarah Silverman (crass but hilarious...I love Sarah Silverman) and Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua (interesting insight for my personal experience with my parents...who I guess aren't really "Chinese parents" by her standards).

What good reads did you find this week?


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